Two dinners in one night in the garden

What do I mean? As usual I've been playing in the kitchen. I have two meals for you, from one roast. Get a big pot roast, pick up some of those small red potatoes and baby carrots. Slice up some onions, garlic and red and green bell pepper.

Bring out the Crockpot about 10ish in the morning. put the roast in. Make a couple of little slices and slip in a slice of garlic clove in each. Then add a couple of cups of water, the vegetables. Amounts depend on how many you want to feed. Cook on high for about 6 hours. Or low for 10 hours. Or until tender.

There is your first meal.

Put all the left over juice, meat and vegetable in a big bowl and keep in the fridge.

Now for the 2nd the next night or maybe the night after that.

Left over pot roast soup!
Cut up the carrots and potatoes. Shred the beef and put everything (onions, peppers) in a pan. Most likely you will not have enough juice, open up a can (12 oz) of Sodium free and fat free chicken broth and add to the pot. If you think you need more, add another can. Add ground pepper, salt free seasoning, and some crushed chili peppers. And any other seasoning you think may go well with beef. Bring to a boil, then add 4 oz. (approx.) penne pasta. Continue to boil until pasta is done. Serve with rolls, or garlic bread.

May sound like some kind of weird mix, but it really is awesome.


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