Monday at the garden

I've been out of touch this last week. I haven't found any new recipes to report, nor do I have any new wines. I haven't had really anything to post. So I haven't. Sorry. But rest assured I am wooing guests to come visit.

I will post when I have something fun to say. I am creating a new recipe. But then there are only so many ways you can make Chicken Soup!  I had my recipe book out and then thought, why? I'm winging it (yeah I know lame joke) and being brave. I will post the recipe tomorrow if I have a success. If I post about something else, or not at all you know it bombed in a big way. LOL!

It's Papa and Nana night, so the kids are the guinea pigs. Poor things. I think it will be fine though, mostly they'll hate it because of the carrots.

Now you may wonder what I've been up too, since I haven't been blogging. I've been doing book trailers. One for Watching Jenny (I'm on my fifth, or maybe sixth make over on that) and Classic Murder: Mr. Romance. I'm also re-making ones for Chick Magnet and Romance & Misconceptions.

Here's the link to the most current of Watching Jenny. And here is Classic Murder: Mr. Romance

I'll have to post the others when they are done. Let me know how you like them. Now I'm off to start my Crockpot Chicken Soup. Check back tomorrow for the results...


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