Marie Higgins is visiting the garden!

Today we have Marie Higgins in the garden. Some of you may know her as an author, however, we’re going to find out what she does when she’s not at a computer writing. It’s a little chilly in the garden so be sure to wear a jacket. I have hot chocolate or coffee for everyone. There’s a little peppermint schnapps for the cocoa and Kailua or Irish crème for the coffee.  Are we ready to begin?

Thanks for having me in your garden, Mary. I’m sipping my hot chocolate and I have a light jacket on, and I’m ready to begin!

Mary: Marie, glad you have your cocoa, now relax. Can you tell us a bit about your background, where you grew up, etc?

I have lived in Utah all my life – not counting the few months we lived in Oklahoma, but since I can’t remember much about that time, I’ll not say anymore. I remember when I was younger living in Salt Lake City.  When my dad got a job at Hill Air Force Base, we moved to Clearfield. When I was eight, my grandpa died and we moved back to SLC to live with my grandma who was having a hard time dealing with her husband’s death. I think that lasted only a couple years before we moved back to Clearfield, which is where I spent the last few years in elementary, then to junior high and high school. We still moved a few more times, but we continued to live in Clearfield, so it was easy to keep the same friends that I met in school. I also met my husband in Clearfield.  He actually had gone to Layton High (and I went to Clearfield High) but we were both out of school when we met so I guess it didn’t matter that our schools were rivals, right?  After I married, we moved to Brigham City, which is where we stayed.  We’ve lived here for nearly 24 years now.

What do you like to do when you go on vacation? Or do you? And if you do not, what would be your dream vacation?

Vacation is a word I don’t know very well.  When my daughters were small, our vacation consisted of going camping. Once we went to Yellowstone Park. Now that my children are grown, my husband and I have only taken one ‘real’ vacation and we went to Charleston South Carolina. I loved it – although I’m still not sold on flying…   A year after that, I went to a writer’s convention in Dallas Texas (my second time flying – still don’t like it). When we finally get the money for a real trip, I’ll want to take a cruise – and I also wouldn’t mind going to Las Vegas.  Other than that, I don’t care where we go – as long as we GO!

Mary: Do you have a favorite holiday recipe? Speaking of which, everyone have some pumpkin cookies I just made them, they’re fresh out of the oven. And if you do have a recipe, will you share it?

Marie:  I also love pumpkin cookies, so since you’ve already baked them, I’ll tell you about my next favorite cookie recipe, which is Applesauce Cookies.  I grew up on these cookies.  My grandma used to make them. Then my mom… now me.  Here’s the recipe:

Applesauce Cookies

1 cup sugar            ½ cup butter
2 eggs                ½ tsp cinnamon
½ tsp nutmeg            ½ tsp cloves
½ tsp salt            1 cup applesauce
1 tsp soda            2 ¼ cups flour
7 oz chocolate chips        ½ cup chopped nuts

Blend sugar, butter, and eggs well.  Mix in spices.  Measure out applesauce and add soda to it while still in the cup.  Add with mixture.  Add chips and nuts and flour.  Bake 400 for 9-12 minutes.  Makes 2 dozen.

Mary: No fair, you peeked on my Facebook  and saw I was baking! LOL though I will  post the recipes this Friday. These sound yummy, thank you! Marie, you know me, I love my wine, but I know you do not drink wine. So when you’re relaxing or having a holiday dinner, what is your beverage of choice?

Marie: Coke.  Yeah, I hate to admit it, but I’m a Coke drinker.  Funny thing is, I’m not a heavy Coke drinker, either.  If I open a can of Coke, it can last for two days.  lol  So I just try to stick to ice-cold spring water.

Mary: With the holiday’s coming up, a lot of people have family traditions, do you? If so can you tell us some of them?

Marie: We really don’t have a lot of traditions. Thanksgiving and Christmas are family get-together holidays, so we always want to include our families.  Every other year for Thanksgiving is at my mom’s house, and the off years are with my in-laws.  For Christmas, we try to have a family gift-exchange on Christmas Eve, but that doesn’t always work out.  However, my kids know I will always have a big dinner planned for Christmas Day – either Ham or Turkey – and yeah, all the trimmings!  YUM!

Mary:  What is your favorite holiday? And why?

Marie: My favorite holiday is Christmas.  Maybe it shouldn’t be because we put ourselves in debt every year… But I love the feeling of giving.  I love teaching my girls and grandkids how important it is to give to others.  I especially enjoy reading the story of Christ’s birth to my grandchildren to help them know the true meaning of Christmas.

Mary: What is the one thing you have always wanted to do? And do you think you’ll accomplish it before you go to the great garden in the sky?

Marie: For the past twenty years, I’ve wanted to be a writer.  When I finally mastered that, I wanted to be published (not caring how, either).  Once I passed that hump, I realized I wanted to have my book in bookstores.  Well, I’m to that point in my life now, so I guess you could say I’ve reached my goals.  However, lately, I’ve made another goal…  Now I want to make money at writing. (grins)  I’m really working hard on trying to get this goal reached, but I’m afraid it’ll take awhile.

Congratulations on your goals and coming so close, soon you'll be making money, I know it! Thank you, Marie for playing with us here in the garden today. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we have. Come back soon!

Thanks Mary!  It was fun playing in the garden, and I hope you have me back.


Mary Martinez said…
Welcome Marie! Your cookie recipe sounds absolutely lovely! Thanks!
Hi Marie! Hi, Mary! Great interview. But light jacket? I'm a little jealous. We're in full winter gear here in Boise.
Mary Martinez said…
When I sent her the interview the light jacket was appropriate. Now like you, we are in full winter gear. I woke up to a foot of snow in the yard!
Marie Higgins said…
Hello Mary and Clarissa! Mary, thanks again for having me. And Clarissa, Mary is right. I wrote up the interview questions on Sunday, and on Monday and Tuesday it snowed here. It snowed a little this morning, but now it's nice. Still...light jacket might not be enough. Maybe if I had a turtleneck sweater AND a light jacket I'd feel snug as a bug. lol

Wow, your applesauce cookie receipe sounds just like mine but I always put raisins instead of chocolate chips to try and keep it somewhat healthy.
Mary Martinez said…
Both Raisins and chocolate chips sound good in the applesauce cookies. And maybe some oatmeal? Mmm...
Marie Higgins said…
Susan, raisins were probably used until my mom got the recipe and she hates raisins. So that's probably why the family recipe calls for choc chips now. lol

Cat Connor said…
Fabulous interview I really enjoyed it. Loved the recipe!

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