Fall and/or Halloween Recipe Contest in the garden

Okay maybe this will inspire all of you!

As most of you know I'm having a recipe contest. It's very simple...

Post your favorite fall and/or Halloween recipe in a comment any day to any post between now and November 1st, 2010. Yes that's all you need to do to have your name put in the hat for the drawing. AND if you post a recipe more than once, then you have your name in more than once.

See how easy it is? So why hasn't anyone posted? Does no one cook anymore? I know I hardly do anymore, hence the contest. I'm trying to get myself inspired for the holidays!

Oh, want to know what you win? A download, your choice, of one of the following:

Okay so I couldn't figure out how to get them in a row! LOL. But you know you can choose from one of them. Now let the recipe posting begin!

Have a good week.


Taryn Kincaid said…
I've got a great recipe for squash-apple soup. I make it every Thanksgiving. Family loves it? Is that too usual? If not, I'll try to post a recipe for it when I get home later today. (I usually just play it by ear: butternut squash, peeled and cut into chunks; couple of apples; an onion; either a small potato or a piece of broken up white bread to thicken. Throw everything into a pot with a few big cans of chicken broth (or your own chicken stock) and some smushed up springs of rosemary. I generally do this to taste, but I'll check the recipe. Once everything is tender, run it through a blender or food processor in batches until it's creamy smooth. Before serving, throw in some heavy cream if you like. Some in my family like the cream, some don't. I think it's pretty good either way. Without, more vegetable-chickeny-appley. With, much richer.
Mmm. Think I'll stop at the farm stand and buy some NY apples!
Mary Martinez said…
Wonderful. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. My first actual entry in a month!

The Coffee Time crew gave recipes cause I asked for them in the interview.

Thank you Taryn, and I'm going to try this recipe because I love butternut squash!
Taryn Kincaid said…
You inspired me to stop at the farm store and stock up on apples, Galas, Cortlandts, Johnna Golds, Macs, something else I'm not remembering, two of each. Two little pumpkin gourds for my desk at work. Homemade apple doughnuts and a homemade zucchini bread. I LOVE the fall!
Lindsay said…
Okay folks. Now this is one great contest and the winner gets a really great book. I've read all of them and can't figure out which book is the best. But, ssshhh, don't tell anyone but I'm leaning toward, nay, I'm not going to say which is my favorite. To find out you'll have to stay tuned.
Oh, BTW, I hate squash so it's a good thing I'm not taste judging any of the recipes.
Mary Martinez said…
Lindsay, I have another one coming out in January, so you better get in the contest if you want to win Classic Murder: Mr. Romance!

And give us a recipe that is not squash. LOL.
Mary Martinez said…
Hope made Zucchini bread? You're killing me here.

Oh and Lindsay thank you for the kind words about my books.

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