Tradition at the Garden

Do you have family traditions? We have Papa and Nana night every week. This is when 7 kids ages 3 to 11, 3 dogs, and a baby descend along with their parents.

This starts out when we pick the 3 older boys up from school about 3:30 pm. They come here to do homework before the smaller kids show up. First to show up is James with Bubbles, no my daughter's name is not bubbles and no bubbles is not a pole dancer. This is their little rat dog of indiscriminate origin, maybe Yorky/something mix.

Ayden with his mom in tow shows up, still we can't fire up the grill since Merissa, Troy and the girls haven't shown up with the hotdogs. I have the brauts and the buns. Finally it's time to eat. Wait Dave hasn't arrived with his girlfriend, her son and the other two dogs.

Finally he calls and says he has to take a shower first because he's extra dirty from work. At the news we all grown because David always had to take his shower last because no one wanted to wait for him. He is known for his 20-30 minutes showers.

By the time he shows up, we've all eaten. While they eat we have the other two dogs, Shylo (Not a girl, yeah I know girl name) a chihuahua mix, and duchess a Border Collie and English Springer spaniel mix puppy, chasing Bubbles around. The three dogs are running under and around and through everything, including legs as Papa plays ball with the older kids. The four young ones are chasing each other, and complaining that Kaylee Mae doesn't want to be their best friend any more and Nana (that's me) is under the protection of the porch holding, Ashlyn Mary, the baby.

And pretty much the parents are ignoring the chaos.

This happens every week, next week we're having a big pot of spaghetti, my favorite because it's easy to make. It's nice weather now. Can you imagine when we're all inside for winter?

What are your family traditions?


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