Remembering - A letter to a friend

My Dearest Friend;
Tomorrow night I am meeting with some of your friends to remember the fun times we had with you. While we do that we are going to put together a photo album of our dear friend Denice.

Today was to be a day of editing, but instead I devoted my day to finding some pictures of you. I've spent the entire time going down memory lane. I have cried and I have laughed, but mostly I have missed you. Until today, when I couldn't pick up the phone and say, "Remember when?", I haven't let myself believe that I won't see you again. Since we were twelve, I've always known you're a phone call away.

Today as I found treasured pictures of the two of us, or you and some of our other friends, I also found pictures of my Dad with me on his birthday, he looked so happy. There were pictures of you and LuAnn, on my birthday, together sharing a laugh and a beer. If I'd known both of you would have been gone so soon, I'd have joined you for the photo. And for a toast to friends.

I wish I would have gone through these pictures more often and called you to reminisce. I wished I had made a point to see you more often for lunch or dinner, instead of waiting until I knew our time was limited.

I know you're up there--or wherever you are--hanging with LuAnn, I can only imagine what havoc you are both wrecking. Have fun. And if you see my Dad and Mom tell them Hi and Happy Rock Hunting.

But most of all if you're not too busy, sometime let me know you're okay! 

From now on I will go through my memories often and treasure my family and friends. And while I can, I will call and say, "Remember when?"

Thank you for being my friend, I miss you!


Lindsay said…
You are in my thoughts today.
Mary Martinez said…
Thank you. Still going through pictures.

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