Monday after game day!

Good morning, I had to recover all day yesterday from the game on Saturday. It started out at 5:30 am. Our daughter and her husband picked us up at 6:30 am and we were at the lot at 7:00 am. Coffee in hand. What a beautiful cold morning. I had on ski skins under my jeans and sweatshirt. Only in Utah can you start the day dressed for cold and by 10 am have to change to shorts, tee shirt and flip flops. Which I did.

It was Dutch Oven Breakfast day. Yummy--and the rest of the week I have to really watch my calories. Since I do not know the recipe, and Dallon won't give it to me. I found one for all of you. Just add sour cream and salsa too it, and serve on tortilla's if you'd like too. And you will be close to what we had. (Click on the link above). It paired well with Champagne and Orange juice.

The game turned out to be great. Shaky even had the #2 of the 10 best plays of the week on sports center. Yup you're going to have to put up with me on Monday after game day posts.

No one has posted any recipes for the contest, what is up with that?


Lindsay said…
The recipe sounds delicious and from the looks can easily be scaled down.

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