Lazy Monday in the garden

How was your weekend? I had a fabulous weekend. Though I didn't try any good recipes or wine. Oh wait I did have a great white table wine at a friends house. My husband and I thought it was one we'd purchased years ago when we visited Catalina Island.

I went downstairs, because I swore I'd kept the bottle, to see if it was in fact the same. First, no it wasn't, second I'd never opened the bottle of wine.

It's a Scenic Cellars Collector's Reserve Series from 1996. A Chardonnay, now I usually don't prefer a chard, but I'm thinking "Hey I should try it at least". However, I haven't had it stored on it's side like I should have, so the cork could have dried out. One can't say it's not aged. We'll see if it's to perfection or not. I'll open it tonight for dinner and let you know how it goes.

If I live!

Off on another topic, I have some very fun upcoming interviews. Remember last week when I said that I had a challenge to find the Lobster Mac and Cheese recipe from Falkner Winery? The Pinnacle Restaurant Manager, Angel has agreed to do an interview with me. And I'm keeping my fingers that the executive chef will participate also.

Then Best Selling Author Lynn Kurland has agreed to an interview. And if that isn't exciting enough. The Coffee Time Review crew has agree to a week long cyber round table discussion in the garden. The one is hopefully scheduled for the end of September.

Come back tomorrow and see if I lived after my Chardonnay experience.


Lindsay said…
Just be careful you or your husband open the bottle. Don't want the wine to cork. But, if it does the taste won't be ruined just the enjoyment since you'll have to be careful of bits of cork.
Mary Martinez said…
Yes that's true. But I love to cook with wine. So if it doesn't taste good, I'll be using it on all the white meats.

Tomorrow I'm going to make my Chicken Enchilada's I posted the other day. Can't wait, it's been a while.
Lindsay said…
Instead of a roaster, not that I would know one, I used chicken breasts-2. All the other ingredients I mixed together in a pot and heated them up. Shredded the chicken then put 2 ladels in with the chicken. I'll make the enchiladas tomorrow and heat it all in the microwave at work

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