Chris Isaak in the Garden

Okay so I'm late again. It was time for bed when I got home from the concert last night. But you have me now. LOL.
Every year I post about my concert going. Yes my husband and I are concert whores. We want to do them all. But lack of $$$ makes it impossible. So we pick and choose. And Chris Isaak is one of our favorites. He puts on a entertaining show, he's full of energy and he's cute!

I tried to get some up close pictures but everyone kept getting in the way. So the only ones that turned out are sort of far away.

However, the people sitting next to us got a great close up. And she just emailed it to me. So here is Chris, isn't he cute as a bug?
Red Butte Gardens is such a beautiful venue, as you can see by my blog design. Last evening the temps, were perfect. Our picnic was very easy. Turkey and avocado sandwiches, with red grapes on the side. My husband isn't a white wine fan, though it would have been better with the sandwiches, so we went with a Beringer Cabernet. It's one of our favorites.

We also tried a new cheese. It was a firm creamy cheese, I really liked it.  Sartori Reserve, Ballavitano Merlot Cheese. Well of course I liked it, it had wine in it. I found it at our local grocery store, Smiths. If you can pick some up, I loved it.

Okay off to chat with the Mystery and Margarita group on Coffee Time Romance. Drop by and say hi. We'll be there from noon to 6:00 pm EST.


that looks like great fun.
Mary Martinez said…
We love our concerts. And I have a grand time with this blog. It's all about what I like to discuss. You know--All about me. LOL

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