Bachelor Day in the Garden

It’s bachelor day at the garden. Lindsay Downs had been at the garden before, but this is strictly all about the food, wine, beer and anything else a bachelor manages to find.  And I believe we’ll be having a bit thrown in by Kebi Lindsay’s collie.

Before we start, everyone pull up a chair and get comfy. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and have some chips or veggies. If you’re brought your own treat, we’d love to share.

Lindsay: Mary, don’t forget Kebi’s cookies. He’s a real bear if he doesn’t get his fair share to treats.

Mary: Goodness, here's your cookies Kebi, sorry about that! Good morning Lindsay, thank you for joining us again. Tell us your typical day? Do you have a nutritious breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Or do you stand by the sink and eat whatever?

Lindsay: Thanks for having me back. It’s always interesting, hehe, coming here and the Mysteries & Margaritas blog. Never know what questions you ladies will come up with. My typical day always starts with making sure Kebi has breakfast then goes out for a walk. I believe that our four legged friends must come first. I have to agree with doctors et al, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What you have helps define how your day will go. Therefore, for me I start the day with 5-6 cups of coffee. And no I don’t stand over the sink while I pour the life giving elixir down my throat. I’m at my computer checking and answering email, if necessary. Then it’s off to read the blogs I follow. Some I comment on while others I lurk. I have lunch about 1:30pm-a bowl of cereal then about 3:30 a salad with some kind of supper around 7:45-8:00pm. I should clarify that is my schedule Mon-Fri. Weekends I usually only have dinner.

Mary: Cereal in the afternoon? Okay, sound good. How long have you and Kebi been sharing your bachelor pad? Tell us Kebi’s story, how you rescued him, etc.

Lindsay: Kebi has been with me since 2003 when my late wife and I adopted him. Originally he was rescued by the South Windsor Police from an abusive family. When he and I met for the first time it was love at first sight. He’s always been my dog. My wife never could get him to do even the simplest of commands. Me-taught him different command with hand signals. He’s always been a great companion and a joy, in the evening after work, to come home to. He’s also very protective of me as the photo here shows.

Okay, so he’s also protective of the bed.

Mary:  Hey a dog has to have a comfortable place to veg, isn't that right Kebi? The last time we had the pleasure of your company we focused on food, travel, etc. This time we’re going to find out what it’s like for you as a bachelor. Cooking for one (or two if you count Kebi) all the time. Do you eat home all the time, do you have a favorite place? Like Cheers where everyone knows your name?

Lindsay: Working second shift I really only cook dinner at home on the weekend. Then I cook food that we both can eat. I try to make sure he doesn’t get any onions or anything from that family. I’ve heard they can be dangerous if not fatal for dogs. Another is stuffing. Now I don’t know if people are talking about the stuffing cooked in chicken or turkey and or the kind you make on top of the stove or both. Once again, he doesn’t get any. Does he suffer for not having the forbidden foods. No. He does like pizza so I make sure he gets his fair share.

And eating out, I tend not to. There aren’t too many restaurants around that serve anything edible. Food-yes. Cuisine-no. Guess which I prefer.

Mary: That doesn't sound very fun for you town, restaurants with inedible food. Yuck. I see your glass is empty, would you like some more wine? Or a beer? Last time you were here, you said that Kebi was an interview by himself, why? Give us details we all want to know?

Lindsay: If you insist, I’ll have another glass of red-Burgundy. Kebi is a collie which in my mind is one of the smartest breeds there are. How many breeds can follow hand signals from great distances? Don’t forget the collie and their offshoots were bred to herd sheep frequently only with hand commands from the shepherd. They also, at least from my experience, learn said commands after only a few tries. As natural herders they will collect and drive just about anyone or anything they’re instructed to. Even if not asked. They tend also to be protective of their handler.

Protective-if someone comes to the door he’ll bark even before the person knocks, warning me of an intruder. I was his to protect and defend, I have a feeling to the point he’d give his life for me.

Herding-on occasion my late wife and I would have lobsters for dinner. We’d put them on the floor to tease the cats but Kebi would come in and try herding them, the lobsters not the cats. Them, the cats and dogs, they all played together.

Some of his experiences would have you rolling on the floor in hysterics. And actually he, by name and antics, is in my current WIP-Target Identified. I took some of his personality and instilled them along with the name into the collie in the book. Hey, a really good suspense needs a little humor now and then to keep the reader interested. Either in what’s going to happen in the story or what kind of brattiness Kebi is going to cause.

Mary: Can't wait to see what you used in your WIP. Here comes the personal question! You knew there would be, what woman interviewing a bachelor can resist? So do you like your lifestyle or would you ever consider marriage again? (Or living in sin?) And why?

Lindsay: Been there. Done that. Actually twice. The first one ended in divorce. With that one, when not if I write about an uber nasty, mean villainous who dies the most horrific death any author can come up with, I’ll name the villain after her. My second wife, I love her too much to even name a heroine, and if you know me and my writing all my heroines save the hero, after her. No, I’ll never, then again I should say that ‘never’, repeat never marry again. Live in sin. Nay. Why? I read when I want. Watch what I want on TV. Write and edit when I want. Oh yeah, go to conferences and be surrounded by women. Now what woman could deal with that.

Am I lonely? Maybe. Maybe not. Am I alone? Yes. By choice.

Mary: If it's by choice, then it good! (I can't wait to read about your mean villainous some day!) Can you share your favorite recipe with us?

Lindsay: Sorry Mary but here I’m going to have to let you down. I don’t have a favorite recipe. When my mother was alive I cooked for her until she died and enjoyed doing so. The same with my late wife. Now I cook because I have to. It’s not that cooking bores me it’s just that preparing a meal for one, Kebi not included since he’s usually on a see-food diet, sees food-eats it, is a necessity. Cheaper than even takeout which can be almost as bad as eating out.

Mary: Fair enough, if you don't have one to share. If someone is interested in you for your writing, where can they find you?

Lindsay: They can obtain copies of my writing plus a freebie through my website- I also have a link so people can email me if they want. People can find me on Facebook and LinkedIn. I blog ever Tuesday at Then, of course, there are my comments at both Mysteries & Margaritas and here at your blog.

Thank you for joining us again, Lindsay, it’s been a pleasure to host you and Kebi. I loved hearing about Kebi's story and yours!


Mary Martinez said…
Hey Lindsay,
Glad you're back in the Garden!
Lindsay said…
Mary, It's great to be back. Even Kebi loves the interview.

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