Tuesday in the Garden

It's hot in the garden. This is going to be pretty short and hopefully pretty sweet.

First a few announcements, tomorrow I'll have Lindsay Downs in the garden for an interview. Not sure what's up for Thursday yet. But Friday--I'm excited for you too Lindsay--but Friday I have the culinary director for Allrecipes .com in the garden. So make sure to drop by.

To ward of the summer heat I'll give you a refreshing dessert recipe.

Cut up the follow (and you can always add else) and mix together:
Red Grapes (Whole)

Mix vanilla bean ice cream and mix it with rum liquor and cinnamon.

Dish up your fruit and put one or two scoops of ice cream mix on top. Delightful.

There all kinds of things you can do with mixed fruit in the summer. I'm not the only one who's ever experimented with a fruit dessert. What have you done?


Lindsay said…
Nothing. I let people like you come up with fresh fruit recipes.
Mary Martinez said…
Can't take full credit. My friend and I came up with it when they came to dinner Sunday. His wife spilled the sauce he'd made so we had to come up with something I had here. Of course I had rum! LOL
Ann Flowers said…
I just recently discovered your blog and am so glad I did. What a sweet post!
Lindsay said…
This is a fun blog. She has great insight into combining food and wine while interviewing authors, both pubbed and unpubbed.

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