Today I welcome Lindsay Downs to the garden. He’s a fellow author, but we’re not going to discuss books. Well unless they’re cook books! LOL.

Mary: Pull up a seat and relax, have a little Pinot and some cheese if you’d like. So tell us all a bit about you. Where you live, what you like to do for entertainment.

Mary, thank you for inviting me to visit your garden. Looking around the garden is about the same size as the small town I call home. I call a small town south of Hartford, Connecticut home. Being an introvert, when not at my evening job, most of my free time is spent either reading or watching TV shows. I usually have to fight Kebi, my collie, for the remote especially when there’s a Lassie marathon on.

What is your favorite time of year? Why? And what foods and/or beverage do you associate with that time of year?

Lindsay: I don’t know if I have a favorite time of year. Each has an appeal along with a favorite food. Winter-pot roast or beef stew with a bold red. Spring-chicken in its many different and varied forms served with a Chablis. Summer-has to be hot dogs and hamburgers. For special occasions lobster-steamed. Beer, good beer, with any of the aforementioned. Fall is the one season I’m not particularly fond of.

Mary: I’ve noticed a trend with some of our friends… The food network! Just last week we went to an afternoon party—yes I blogged about it—to try a dish Braylon had found on the food network and wanted to try it for tailgating. Do you watch the food network? And if so what is your favorite show?

Lindsay: I don’t watch the channel much anymore. I use too years ago but now that I’m cooking only for myself and working second shift I’ve sort of lost interest in the shows.

Mary: Do you travel? Where do you like to go? What are your favorite wines and/or food in your favorite Country?

Lindsay: Right now my traveling is limited to writers conferences. I average three conferences a year and this year will be my first time at the SinC Crime Bake. This will also be the first time since 2006 I haven’t gone to the RWA National conference. Saving my money as I’m in the planning stages for a trip to England next year which will be part vacation and part research for the next in my Target Series.

Lindsay pour yourself another glass of wine. I have some more crackers if you’d like some also. Are you a small town or a big city type of guy? Why?

Lindsay: Small town type of guy. Hate the big cities. To many people rushing around.

Tell us who Kebi is. And do you take him, I assume it’s a him LOL, when you travel? What places to you find friendly to take your Kebi?

Lindsay: He’s almost an interview by himself but the short on him- he’s a rescue collie my late wife and I saved eight years ago. Unfortunately, he stays home when I travel because he is shy, like me, and gets nervous. and we all know what dogs so when they get nervous. I’ve got several friends how house sit him when I go away.

Mary: What interesting things happened while you were photographer at the Smithsonian? Also, what is your favorite place in D.C.?

the two weeks I spent with the Smithsonian internship program were interesting. I was able to have access to areas not normally available to the general public. Especially at the Tomb of the Unknowns. It’s not my favorite place but a place I visit, to say hi to a friend, The Wall. Also the Vietnam Womens Memorial statue located near The Wall.

Mary: If someone wants to know all about Lindsay Downs, where can they find you? Are you on Facebook or Twitter? Let us know all the details.

Lindsay: People can find me at my website- or on Facebook and Twitter, when I remember to Tweet. You can also find me every Tuesday blogging at Nights of Passion-

Thank you for joining me in the Garden today, Lindsay. Before you go have another glass of wine and relax a bit.


Cassy Pickard said…
Hey, Lindsay! Good to see you here. Can you tell us a little about your books? I know some, since I've read a few chapters of a draft. But others want to know.

I know, Mary, I'm breaking the rules to bring writing up, rather than wine. But, I'm also thinking about what to make for dinner, does that count?
Mary Martinez said…
Cassy, Luckily I'm going to be interviewing him again on the M&M blog after nationals. I asked him for two interviews, one for each blog. LOL.

I know you interviewed him so I'm going to do my best to ask things you didn't.

But if you're thinking about dinner, that always counts!
Lindsay said…
Here's the blurb for the book- Target Identified.
A weapons system, helicopter-test pilot, used to dealing with danger on a daily basis, finds herself out of control, when her father is kidnapped by a sociopathic terrorist bent on revenge. Not sure at first who to trust, she discovers an unlikely ally in the army sniper who was the last person to see her brother alive.

The sniper is the same man she's seen several time over the years. Turns out they've both been in love with each other but unusual circumstances kept them apart until they finally meet in person.
Keeping with the food theme of this blog I must say there is an interesting beach cookout scene in the book. Part it the scene involves lobsters running amuck and a collie trying to herd them.
Does that help to aswage your curiousity Cassy or would you like more.
Lindsay said…
A couple of points in Target Identified that might not have been in the few chapters you previewed.
1-Alison, the heroine, save Richard not once but twice.
2-Even though Richard is in the Army, the military doesn't play a role in the story but is a medium for the character.
3-Even though there is romance in the story, like with the Army, that's not a driving force in the book.
Mary Martinez said…
Okay now I'm trying to picture Lobsters running amuck!

Thanks Lindsay for visiting at the Garden today!
Lindsay said…
Thank you for inviting me today.
BTW-lobsters funning amuck. Look in the lobster tank at the local grocery store then imagine them on the floor scampering around. All claws and tails. Then add a determined collie trying to corral them. Can you say, 'Lost cause.'

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