Staying healthy in the Garden

If you want to enjoy wine, good food and other fun things then it's very important you stay healthy. What I like to do is during the week do my best to eat as healthy as possible. I watch my portions and keep track of calories. Then on the weekends I'm free to enjoy a little more wine, or dessert. I still try to watch my portions, even when I'm allowing myself a little treat.

Resolutions at the beginning of each year are usually what motivate a person to become healthy. How many people actually continue year round? If you live in Utah then you have snow, wet roads, and cold and much more that keep you indoors.  

If you have money, you can join a gym, or the community recreation center. How many other people do the same? Then you have to wait for the machine you want or use something that doesn't work the muscles you were hoping to tone.

What to do? Sit down and wait for summer. That is one solution, however not very healthy. Here are a few tips to get you through until the weather clears and you can burn calories with a good old-fashioned walk. And it’s free.

Most of you have probably heard these tips before. How do I know? Because they are good and everyone should follow them.

1.    Drink lots of water. Keeping hydrated is very important for your organs.
2.    Park your car as far away from the building as possible.
3.    If weather permits, ride your bike to work or walk if it’s close enough.
4.    Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
5.    If you sit all day, get up and walk around ever 20 to 30 minutes. If you’re at a job where you cannot leave your desk, then stand and walk in place.
6.    Eat healthy. Watch your portions. Look on the label, if it says 1 cup serving, eat only one cup.
7.    If you’re craving sweets have a bowl of strawberries instead of a handful of cinnamon bears.

All of these tips are common sense and if you do them year round, they’ll become a habit. You’ll be surprised at how good you will feel.

Here's a good healthy summer salad:
Green chopped salad (Amounts depends on how many people)
Mixed greens--your choice. Spinach, red leaf, or combination all chopped.
1 chopped tomato - Remove seeds
1/4 chopped red onion
1 chopped cucumber
1 chopped zucchini
4-5 chopped radishes
8-10 chopped Italian olives
1/2 chopped green bell pepper
1/2 chopped red bell pepper
1/2 chopped yellow bell pepper
Mix together and refrigerate until ready to serve.
1/4 cup organic virgin olive oil
1 tbsp red balsamic vinegar
Or your favorite 'lite' dressing.
This pair well with a Beringer Chenin Blanc

If you have a minute check out the Nights Of Passions Blog, my friend Lindsay is posting today.


Lindsay said…
Except for the zucchini the salad sounds interesting.
Mary Martinez said…
What is wrong with zucchini? It's very good for you and yummy!

It's a very refreshing salad. I usually add whatever I have on hand. Basically chop up your favorite salad veggies and throw them in a bowl and you have chopped salad. Have it with a nice crisp white wine and your set for a hot summer evening.
Lindsay said…
Whatever I have on hand? Let's see-dog food, coffee, tea, white wine, bread, eggs.
Nay. Think I'll go to the grocery store to get better ingredients.
Mary Martinez said…
Yeah I think I would too!

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