Friday at the Garden

It's been a very long week for me and I'm unprepared for anything special.

However, there is still time to comment and/or follow my Garden blog in order to have your name in the drawing for this Mug and $10 Starbucks Gift card.
For today, tell me what your favorite summer drink is, what you find refreshing on a hot July day. I love Mijoto's!


Lindsay said…
Iced coffee is number one with beer a close second
Mary Martinez said…
Fresh lime squeeze for my non-alcoholic tastes.
Lindsay said…
Another non-alcoholic refreshing drink in orange juice and tonic water. You have to be careful pouring the tonic water in because when it mixes with the OJ the liquid tends to overflow the glass.
Of course with the tonic water in the house and lime just add gin to a glass for a traditional gin and tonic garnished with a lime wedge
Lindsay said…
But in about 2 hrs. I'll be home from work and pour myself a glass of Chablis my favorite after work to relax wine
Mary Martinez said…
I had my standard.
Beringer. Though I did try a Pinot Noir tonight. Very good.
Lindsay said…
The Inglenook Chablis is nice and light. The perfect way to end a lousy day at work.
Thinking of doing a Cab or Merlot by the same vineyard Saturday. A little red is always good especially when mixed with Murder and Mayhem

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