Monday Ramblings about a Cabernet

Today we had friends over for a nice rib-eye steak. And to complement it a full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon.

Winery: Hess Collection
Price: $13-15 (Utah prices)

One of my favorite Wineries in the Napa Valley. The drive is gorgeous especially in the fall. They have a fabulous garden, not to mention an art gallery. It has it all.

Monday scenario:

Cassandra loved taking a drive late afternoon on a warm Indian summer Saturday. The top down on her car, the breeze ruffling her hair. Fresh, that's how it felt. Today she'd stop at her favorite winery for a tasting. But not until after she explored the gallery to see if there was any new art to admire.

Climbing the stairs, she passed the old typewriter still in it's place then rounded the corner and faced the headless. One of her favorites. An artist had used live models to mold the bodies. About twenty headless mud people stood as if nothing were missing--out for a walk. Though she loved it, she couldn't help but be a little freaked out by it.

Today she had the gallery to herself. Nice. She would wander and gaze, no hurry.

Disappointment ran through her when she heard heavy footsteps behind her. A long enjoyable browse was out. Turning slightly to the right to see who had joined her, she was shocked to find no one. Twisting the other way, the room was still empty. Full circle confirmed she was alone. She must be more creaped out by the headless than usual.

She continued until she stood in front of Franz Gertsch's Johanna II, the naturalness of the painting was amazing. Startled by the hand that clamped on her shoulder she swung around.

No one was there.

(Keep in mind I do these scenario's for fun and at the last minute) Thanks for reading though, hope you enjoy some of the wines I recommend.


Lindsay said…
That scenario is straight out of The Twilight Zone.
Mary said…
LOL, I love the twilight zone!
Lindsay said…
Why doesn't that somehow surprise me?
Andrea I said…
The Headless sound kind of freaky to me.
traveler said…
The Twilight Zone is superlative and cannot be matched.
Lindsay said…
I could never watch that show and there was another similiar which also scared me.
Guess that's one reason why I don't read but write suspense. I don't like being scared with what might happen next. When I write suspense of course I know what's going to happen so I don't have a problem.
Okay. So I'm weird.
Anonymous said…
Hi, I work at the collection and I am pretty sure your friend met Theodore Gier, the man who owned the original winery. He committed suicide during prohibition. Some of my coworkers swear they have seen a little girl ghost around the winery too - there are a lot of playful, albeit phantasmal things that take place. The figures, made by Magdalena Abakanowicz are actually made of burlap and are a comment on the way the communist regime in Poland treated the polish people; a group of followers who should do as they are told with no ability to think individually. The piece also comments on the idea of an army or mob as a headless mass all doing what the group demands without thought - i.e. Germany WW2 - or any government leading its soldiers. Thank you for coming to visit and for the nice comment about our wine! - Rob
Mary said…
I am just going through a lot of my comments to add to the hat for the drawing.

I love your winery and your collection and in fact we were telling some people about it tonight when we were discussion the Napa Valley. My sister-in-law live in Callistoga when we come to visit you can bet well be at the Hess winery.

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