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In honor of my new web site I decided with a little brainstorming with a few of you, to make my blog a wine theme. So I'll review, pair and search for new wines. Weekends will be free, but any of you can comment at any time. During the week. I'll do the following:

Monday – Wines, wineries or regions that start with M
Tuesday- Wines, wineries or regions that start with T
Wednesday - Wines, wineries or regions that start with W
Thursday – Movies or Books that talk about Wines, wineries or regions
Friday - Wines, wineries or regions that start with F

At the end of each post I'll do a little scenario of how a murder could be accomplished. Or a romance could start, or whatever my mood strikes my fancy to do.

If I haven't tasted the wine I choose for the day, then I'll be asking if anyone has, and what their thoughts are. I hope all of you will participate and enjoy. 

I am leaving this morning very early, and will not be home until Monday evening, so my first post on wine will be Tuesday. So look for something with a T. Now if any of you know of one that I don't mention, please comment. Any wine that starts with a T, or the winery starts with a T or the region where the wine comes from starts with a T is fair game on Tuesdays. I have a feeling we'll be discussing a lot of wines from Tuscany.

Chat on Tuesday.


Lindsay said…
I like your theme idea but if I could suggest-have a price range, low, for the wines.
Anonymous said…
congratulations on your new website, I love the picture you have here on your blog at the top,so summery. By the way happy summer. Hope your new website works better for you.
please enter me in your contest and thanks for having it.
Mary Martinez said…
You're right I'll make sure I put the range on there.

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