Mary's Ramblings for Wednesday

Hogue Cellars I guess I'll share what we had for dinner. Well not literally. We had shrimp Alfredo w/red peppers. Cheese garlic bread and a Hogue Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon. Hogue is from the Columbia Valley. The Cabernet is a finely balanced with flavors of blackberry, blueberry and cherry with a touch of vanilla and oak.

Okay I got that right off the label. LOL. It was a perfect match for our pasta. However, the label also recommends that it goes well with grilled steak, roast beef or ribs. Well it's a cab, doesn't that go without saying. So maybe I've had one to many glasses before I wrote this.

Wait! I only had 1!

2007 Hogue Cabernet Sauvignon
$10 (Utah)

Scenario: To be read with a full bodied wine... (suspense)

Eric Clapton's voice flowed over the audience and when the song ended the venue erupted in thundering applause. No one wanted the concert to end. Especially Candy. She knew it would be time to pay back her husband for taking her. 

When they'd dated he's seemed the perfect guy. When they'd married he'd done a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde switch. Now she walked on egg shells every day for fear of innocently saying the wrong thing. Then there would be hell to pay.

And if he granted her a wish, like this concert, he expected something in return. Something she didn't enjoy giving.

But she had a plan. If things went well after tomorrow she'd never have to see him again.


Lindsay said…
One more reason not to get reremarried. Twice is more than enough.
Mary Martinez said…
Yeah this is the 2nd time for myself. Though 2nd time is the charm for me!
Lindsay said…
Guess Spock said it best, 'live long and prosper'

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