I have a new web site! Funny, it matches my new blog look!

Good morning.

If you're an author and someone says that you need to have 1. a professional web presence and 2. you need to brand yourself. What do you think that means?

Well when the lovely CW (Christine Witthohn my agent) told me this the first thing I did was evaluate my web page. I had a home made site and it wasn't bad if I do say so myself. But it wasn't what you would call professional.

I researched many web design companies and found Rae Monet, Inc. Design her designs were awesome and reasonably priced to boot. How could I go wrong? Well she couldn't but I could. I chatted with her on the phone and told her so much information, because I really didn't know what I wanted.

It was one of those things that you know you'll know what you want when you see it. She designed me something that was totally awesome, but wasn't what my husband or agent had in mind. We went with what I was writing at the time. Suspense.

Great site. I was looking really urbanish at the end of an alley. So I said great I'll take it. But every time I looked at it, it just wasn't what I wanted. However, I still couldn't put my finger on why. Other than it was suspense, and I had many ideas and finished manuscripts that were not. Back to what I originally was trying to express. I didn't want to be branded as suspense only I wanted something more broad to brand my name.

My writing has a women's lit flare even in my mystery/suspense. Finally, I realized that I wanted something that would brand my name that wasn't genre related. I called Rae and of course, she thought I was nuts. But she worked with me.

And after really researching and soul searching--I know sounds melodramatic, but I did--I came up with an idea. My original tag line that I've had for a few years is Surrender yourself to the wanderlust of Mary Martinez. I wanted to go back to that. What did I love? Travel, a good story, and a good bottle of wine.

I checked dozens upon dozens of web sites and with the help and suggestions of a few friends and my husband I came up with an idea of taking my dad's old (as in ancient) brown suitcase, a bottle of wine, glass and a book to Red Butte Gardens, Salt Lake City's botanical Gardens, for pictures. (Our daughter Kaci Walters took the lovely pictures used)

Without further ado, check out my new and fabulous web site: http://marymartinez.com/

Look around my site, and tell me if you like it, if you think it brands me as an author who may write a bit of all genre's. Everyone who comments either on this blog or the Mysteries and Margarita blog will have their name entered into a drawing for a coffee mug and a $10 GC for Starbucks. I will also send out a newsletter about the drawing, I'm giving everyone a week to comment. I'll announce the winner next Thursday on Mary's Rants!


Marie Higgins said…
This looks awesome! I love this new look. It's soooo you!!

Lindsay said…
This is a test. Only a test. To see if I can post here.
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks guys, looks like it works.

Thanks Marie, I think so too.
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks for the follow also. I hope people don't have to 'follow' me to leave posts.
Terri said…
The new header and background are lovely. The park looks sooooo inviting.

Wish I was sitting out there right now!

(Trying this again. Have no idea what I wrote the first time around! Couldn't have been too important, though.)
Mary Martinez said…
I got your post this time. I love that everyone has said it looks inviting. Even Christine said that when she saw it. It's exactly what I wanted.

Thanks for posting a second time.
Lindsay said…
Getting a good website especially if you write more than one genre can be hard. A few years ago when I started having military in my stories several friends suggested I redo mine but after thinking about and looking at other sites I decided to stick with what I have. I like it. It works. And I even hav a collie on it.
Mary Martinez said…
Lindsay you have to do the web site design that you like. I found that out. Not that I didn't like my other one, but because it still wasn't me.
Tiffinie Helmer said…
Love it Mary! Makes me want to sit down and have you tell me a story. :)
Lindsay said…
A story about murder, mayhem and wine
Tiffinie Helmer said…
Lindsay, that is my kind of story. :)
Lindsay said…
That would almost make a great story.
Murder, Mayhem, a sip of Red.
Just think of the possibilities.
WriteOnARiver said…
I like it. It is you and it doesn't tie you down to one genre...fantastic
Tiffinie Helmer said…
Lindsay, make that a SPLASH of red. Is it wine or is it blood. Okay, I need to go and work on my wip. I'm in the mood to spill some blood, er wine.
Lindsay said…
Same here Tiffinie. Got to finish the edit so I can try to sell it.
stanalei said…
Love it, Mary! Kudos to you and Rae on a grat job.
traveler said…
Cngratulations on your new website look. It is lovely and so appealing. best wishes.
Mary Martinez said…
I take a break from Comments and Lindsay and Tiffinie have plotted a new story! I have several ideas about wine stories. I guess it's time to pull them out and dust them off.

Thanks everyone for checking on my new digs! I love them. And I have a glass of wine in my hand permanently!
Debra said…
Mary, I love the new web site! Everything is pretty and bright and it's easy to navigate. Good job! Debra
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks Debra! I love it too. And if you know me, you know it's ME.
Lindsay said…
Who gets to use the title,Murder, Mayhem and a touch of Red, since we both contributed to its creation
I love your designer. I checked out her site and there are a ton of fantastic sites on there. She should give you some credit for all the hits you've sent her way.
I love your designer. I checked out her site and there are a ton of fantastic sites on there. She should give you some credit for all the hits you've sent her way.
Tiffinie Helmer said…
Lindsay, I'll let you have it since I'm in the middle of "Death Cache" my current wip. Plus, I like the idea of "Wined and Died." :)
SiNn said…
its perfect and fits your books well deff be frequenting your page! awesomeness
Lindsay said…
Thanks. Already started to plot out the beginning and will give me something to play around with while I finish the edit to my Target series first book.
Wined and Died is nice but doesn't do anything for me. Good luck.
Mary Martinez said…
Tiff and Lindsay--It's my blog what do I get, you plotted without me. LOL.

Actually I like The Wine Club! With a ghost in the basement.

Lesli, I'm interviewing Rae on the M&M blog on July 1st and will probably cross post it here later in the year.

Tiff suggested I blog about wine tasting or something like some do on their blogs about food. I'm giving that a lot of thought!
Lindsay said…
Since Tiff gave me the title then I guess I'm the one to give you a choice of-
1-a bottle of Boones Farm wine
2-my undying gratitude
3-one of the first copies of the book, signed, when it comes off the press
Mary Martinez said…
Boones farm is not a wine. Though when I was in high school back in the dark ages I was known to buy a bottle of Annie Green Springs. I had to look up the name to make sure I remembered right! LOL

So I'll take #3!
Thanks for playing today. I've come up with theme. Monday's will be wines that start with M or come from a winery or region that starts with a M. And so on for the rest of the days. I'm going to have to do a bit of research for this. I love wine research!
Julie Belmont said…
I love this look, it is you. Successful, relaxed and enjoying life to the fullest. Congrats on your successful book signing,that is wonderful news.
Keep up the great work!
Mary Martinez said…
Hey Juls!
Glad to see you. Wish you'd come join us at the URWA Conference again.

Thanks, now if I'd make a bunch of bucks, I wouldn't complain. Though I am happy. Give a glass of good wine, and I'm satisfied.
Lindsay said…
Sounds like a plan and I haven't even written or sold the book yet.
I do like the idea for the theme. But you should post the wine list in advanced so we can sample first.
Mary Martinez said…
I'm going to either tell my experience, or if I find one I want to try, then ask. And you can always pop in any time and say, Hey remember that wine last week you recommend, well I tried it and I...

I really like the idea of an interactive blog about wine. Though I may never get any writing done.
Mary Martinez said…
Psst. Lindsay,
Try a 2008 Hogue, Fume Blanc from Columbia Valley.

I try to keep my wines inexpensive for every day dinner. When I have wine tastings then I splurge, but even then it's only around $20 and in Utah that's probably the equivalent to $15 anywhere else.
Lindsay said…
I buy wine by the cork. If it's got one I don't buy it. But I will try the one you suggested
Mary Martinez said…
OH NO! I'm a wine snob! The only time I do box wine is at a conference and I'm sharing a room with Lisa--the treasurer from our chapter. After a glass or two I'll be talked into it.

However, Hogue is not cork, nor box. It's a twist top. A lot of wineries are going that route. So you're okay!
Lindsay said…
If I can find the Hogue I'll give it a try this weekend. Guess I'll have to wash the wedding present form 9 years ago. Crystal wine glasses imported privately from Scotland. Late wife and I never used them. I'm a plastic cup kind of guy.
No class but cute and loveable.
I'm also going to try finding at least one of your books to read.
BTW- giving M&M a. Plug tomorrow on the blog I post weekly on
Mary Martinez said…
Lindsay, Thanks we love plugs. And thanks for wanted to read my books.

Imported wine glasses from Scotland? Lovely. Hogue would actually work just find in plastic. When we do outdoor concerts that's what we use.

Lindsay said…
I always like to read friends books.
Mary Martinez said…
Well if you do. Then let me know how you like it.

Thanks everyone for having fun with me today.

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