Wednesday rambles

Ramble today? Addictions. Not drug or alcohol but social media addiction.

Yes I'm addicted to email--is that considered a social media? Anyway Facebook and Twitter are included. I could play on them for hours. Does it get words on the page? Well yes, just the wrong page!

If I wrote as much on my stories as I do on email, and the others I'd be able to do a book in a week consistently. And if I want to be a success I better learn how to control my habit.

This is a cry out for help, I need an intervention!

How do the rest of you resist the pull? How do you not go to your Facebook to see how many comments you have? How do you not go to Twitter to see all the comments flying? Check out your favorite soap stars and what they're doing. Or what recipe is on Food and Wine?

How do you resist the pull of the email, is their an important email for me? One that can't wait? Maybe I have something important from my agent, I need to check at least every minute in case she needs me. Do you think publisher's clearing house emails these days about the winner? You know I may miss it if I don't check my email.

And what's sad is I've checked email three times while writing this. Am I expecting anything? Not really but it's a compulsion. And I don't want to miss anything while taking a few minutes to write this blog!

So tell me your secrets. Please!

PS- The first places I'll post about this blog is Facebook, Twitter and email my friends! LOL


Marie Higgins said…
Too funny, Mary. I've got that same addiction. I actually don't even turn on my internet. If I have a deadline, or I just really need to focus on my story, I don't even go on the internet. It's hard, I know...but you can do it!!

First, remove yourself from as many loops as possible. Then give your agent a new email addy and only allow yourself to check that email. Check the other email only when you've reached your goals.

I'd try to stop thinking of emails as any kind of validation. You have friends without having to reach out and touch them all day long.

Pretend you are a wildly popular writer and you must hide from your public. You must hide while you write more books for them.

You've blown diets out of the water before, Mary. I'd just put yourself on a diet and not rely on anyone else for support. Be tough. And greedy with your communications.

That's more than two cents, but maybe something will help.
stanalei said…
What Lesli said....

new mantra for Mary-
Turn it off, Turn it off, Turn it off.
Mary Martinez said…
Man, I wish I could turn off the internet. I have wireless and it is on my desktop. If I turn it off then hubby can't use it either and he works from home part of the day.

Can I turn off Outlook? I could, but my life is in the calendar. I kid you not. I've tried before. I forget EVERYTHING. So I make myself a reminder of things on outlook. Reminders to take pills, and believe me if I didn't get that reminder I wouldn't take the damn things.

So all good advice, I just wish I new how to implement it. I can't turn off the internet. Anyone know of a good calendar like Outlook that I can use so I can turn off email?

That's my biggest problem. Because I have curbed myself with Twitter and Facebook. And I've completely stopped using My Space.

Thanks for all the help.
Terri said…
Yep. A few months ago, it was only e-mail, now it's also Twitter, FB and blogging.

Found your personal blog after reading your post on Mysteries and Margaritas.

It's like Google. One thing leads to another, leads to another, leads to another!
Mary Martinez said…
after you posted on M&M I had to come see. And you did leave a comment. LOL you've got the same addiction I have!

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