Need opinion rambles!

I'm on a rant about web designs. If you're here you can see my web design because it's the same as my web site. Therefore you think I write what? Women's fiction? Mainstream? No, you think oh, I've found someone who writes mysteries, suspense, or crime novels, right?

Here is my dilemma, I write all of the above. Do I spend the money to have a new design? How important is it to a reader that an authors web site reflect the genre and subject of the books they write?

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love what Rae Monet has done with my web site. It is what I asked for at the time, and she's very creative. My big mistake was not doing my research and knowing exactly what I wanted.

In the middle of writing this my friend and critique partner has hit it directly on the nose. Because she has read my work and knows me. Her suggestions was:

What if I had a traveler--maybe me, in my jeans, flip-flops and sunglasses sitting on a big suitcase holding a glass of wine and looking over a back ground scene that flowed from the dark alley, to a field with sunflowers, to an Celtic castle, to a vineyard to the sky scrapers of NY. As if I were contemplating where I wanted to go next.

It's my brand... ranging in colors and tones from dark to light and back again just as my stories do.

Leave a comment about your thoughts. About how important you think a web site brands an author for who she/he is.


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