Review on Watching Jenny

I love giving book reviews. However, it's even better when I receive a great one on one of my books. I received a surprise in my in box a few minutes ago stating that a review on Single Title reviews (part of the Catanetwork) had posted a review on Watching Jenny.

As always a feeling of dread ripped over me. What would I do if it was a 0 or 1 stars or something? Out in the universe for all to see. In this business you have to take the good with the bad. And you have to grow a thick skin.

I took a deep breath and opened the link. I was very glad I did. Emily gave me a fabulous review. I hope all of you enjoy it also. Check out Single Titles part of Catanetwork.

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.


Kris Yankee said…
What a nice review, Mary! You must be very happy. I'm looking for a book to read, and I think I just found it. Thanks!
Anita Clenney said…
Great review, Mary. The book sounds very interesting. How nice to be in a place to get reviews, but at the same time...frightening.
Mary Martinez said…
Kris! Thanks. Very happy with it. If you do read it. Let me know how you like it.

Anita, Yes it is frightening. But I can't wait until I'm with the big presses. Christine will have me there soon, and then it will really be the test. I don't know if I'll have the nerve to open the first review. I may have my hubby do it. And if it's bad I won't read it. LOL
Liz Lipperman said…
Mary, what a great review. The only review I ever got was on my entry in the Amazon contest, and it was a killer. I'm terrified of them.

Will this book come out in trade paperback?

And I agree, you will be selling to NY soon.
Mary Martinez said…
Thank you!

Yes it will be in trade in a couple of months. My Chick Magnet that came out in electronic form in October is available this month in print. So I think in June or July Watching Jenny should be also. So I'm excited.
stanalei said…
Great review, Mary. And so right on about the book. In the business of ups and downs, it nice to have something like this to hang on to.

Awesome Mary. Reviews can be so scary, but you lucked out. Can't wait to read your story.

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