Chick Magnet is now Available in print

Although I love my Nook (B&N eBook reader) there are those out there who love to read the traditional book. Feel the weight of it in their hands and flip the pages. Not to mention reading in the tub by candle light. Probably not advised with an eBook reader.
So I'm always excited when I can say one of my books have made it to print. Chick Magnet is now available in print.
Madison McCullough is recuperating from a broken heart. Her fiancé hadn't really loved her, he had used her as a babysitter for his young son while he wined and dined other women.

Brady O'Neill is a Formula One racecar driver recuperating from injuries from a near death accident and a broken heart. Brady’s matchmaking sister believes her son to be a chick magnet and encourages Brady to take her son to the grocery store.

When Madison and Brady meet, oranges roll. Thanks to Payton, Brady’s nephew. The first eye contact over the fruit table causes the air to sizzle. No matter how much Madison resists the attraction, the two are destined for each other. 

You can check out my web site to see an excerpt, reviews and trailer.

It's available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble online. 

Thanks for letting me share!


Liz Lipperman said…
Ooh! I love the plot line. Who can resist a toddler, even when oranges are rolling.

I read the excerpt and wish I had a Kindle or a Nook.

Will it come to print?
Liz Lipperman said…
Okay, I'm officially a dork. Your FB comment definitely says you have a book in print.

On my way to Amazon, now.
Mary Martinez said…
Liz you are a kick! Yup it's officially out in print!

If you do buy an ereader go with Nook. I love it. I compared to my friends who have Kindle's and that's why I choose the Nook.

If you do buy it, let me know how you like it!

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