Paranormal interview with Tina Michelle

Welcome to my blog and paranormal week. Thank you, Tina Michelle, for allowing me to explore your talent. I’m very excited to have you as a guest on my Mary’s Rambling blog.

Mary: First, tell me a bit about yourself.

Tina:  I consider myself to be a normal down to earth person.  I like to cook and collect cookbooks.  I especially love the fundraiser types with all of the church lady recipes in them.  I enjoy home improvement projects and I am an HGTV junkie.  I’m an average photographer, and I particularly love taking black and white photos.  I love an evening curled up with a good book, candles burning in the fireplace and an iced tea as my companion.  I assume you are more interested in my psychic side, however, than my cooking skills so let me get into that.

I had an odd childhood by the time I was five years old.  Looking back I can see I had already lived almost a lifetime of events by that age.  It was the summer cookout and pool party at my parent’s home that very year of my life.  I was swimming in the family pool with the “ring-o-death” when I raised my arms and dropped to the pool’s bottom.  As I was being resuscitated, I opened my eyes and saw brightly colored beings surrounding those working on me.  These beings resembled clouds of color and fragments of light.  I later come to know them as Angels and have seen them since that very day.  That was the first of four near-death experiences (known as N.D.E.’s).  Each time I have undergone such an event I come back from the brink of death with an amplification of the psychic gifts I carry.

Coming to terms with these gifts has been a lifelong challenge.   Extra sensitive feelings, extreme sensitivity to noise, light, and scent are just a few occupational hazards most psychics face.  An over abundance of stimuli is going on within most psychics at all times, and I know that is the case with me.  All the while we attempt to maintain our composure.  That is the only way we can even appear normal.  I think I just exposed the man behind the curtain!

So I consider myself a normal mom who is hypersensitive empathic psychic who has had four N.D.E.’s.

Mary: Do you see ghosts? Can you explain what you mean when you see a ghost? Do you see an actual person standing there?

Tina:  I have been able to see spirits from the other side (deceased humans) since my second near death experience which was an episode of Rheumatic fever.  I am considered a mental medium.  This means I see the deceased in my mind’s eye, and yes it is exactly as if they are standing before me.  When I see the deceased, I can describe their appearance, their mannerisms and their personality.

Sometimes they will catch me unawares, as if they are standing behind me watching me type, cooking, or gardening.  I can sense and feel them there.  When I look in their direction, there is no manifestation of spirit just standing there.  Not with the naked eye, usually.   A sense of a presence is the first indication, the second is seeing them in my mind’s eye, and the third indication is the beginning stages of communication.  These communications may be a bit of a song, a single word (such as hearing your name called out), or complete sentences.  There is no “standard” way the deceased speak.  It is their ballgame, they set the rules, they run the bases, and they can also throw a strike at a medium which leads to no connection.  So, as I tell my clients I can attempt to make contact, it is up to the deceased to allow contact, and to establish that link that is vital to after life communication.

Mary: Do you give readings? Or if not, can you still ‘see’ what might happen to a person when you shake their hand or visit with them?

Tina:  I’ve read people since I was five years old and began speaking to the sparkling beings surrounding people.  I became “professional” in 1995.  Meaning, at some point when your driveway is full of folks wanting readings, it is time to charge. 

When I do a session (give a reading), it is a private and sacred time between my client and myself.  The Angels open our session by showing me various details about the client, usually the very things they have contacted me about, it is within their energy pattern and their celestial guides are working intensely on assisting them with their situation.

Each time I shake hands with people, I briefly shut my eyes to see what their REAL face looks like, verses what they are attempting to show me.  It is a direct and immediate read.

Mary: What does it mean when you say ‘Free Will’ can change the outcome of a reading?

Tina:  Sometimes Free Will seems like a blessing to me, as I love knowing I have the control of the outcome of my life, other times it feels like a curse.   The stage can be set for the perfect night’s performance (i.e. a specific life event).  All the players are dressed and know their lines, the house lights are lit and the audience waits with baited breath for the evening to begin.   All you have to do is walk to the center of the stage and claim this experience, your experience.

Free will is the act of making sure your shoes are tied so you don’t trip, your lines are rehearsed so you can delivery them incorrectly, and your entry stage right timed to the exact second.    IF those things are taken care of and the actor of this particular play goes through their actions and lines without hesitation, a great experience such as a love story, or perhaps a terrible life changing drama, is about to unfold.  The conscious mind can trip over the loosened shoestrings, forget the lines, and delay the entry therefore inputting a variable that was not staged into the play.  The play may proceed as scheduled, or if the breach is so distracting, it may change and alter the entire scene, and therefore the entire performance (i.e. the outcome).

As if there wasn’t enough pressure to keep to the lines of our play, the subconscious (also known as the drunken monkey driving the car), decides it may or may not want to go further into the progression and suddenly trip our actor, mute the lines and block our entry to the stage entirely. 

So, you can see with Free Will, all extras and leading characters must be in line with our highest and best interest, as well as our own intentions and courage must be gathered to move forward into whatever great life event we are attempting to live.  Sometimes I think it might be easier if it was just demanded of us, not given to us to decide if we go forward or not.

Do you ever visit places reported to be ‘haunted’ to investigate? And have you had anything happen? Were you scared?

Tina:  I am a professional ghost hunter and have conducted hundreds of investigations.  Being a medium gives me a huge advantage so I like to go on these hunts with groups who have equipment to validate and verify the impressions I am getting.  As to your question concerning activity, usually there is activity at any site we investigate.  The type of activity is usually what decides if the site is actually an authentic active haunting or not.  More often than not, the activity is usually residual or mirrored, and therefore not an active and live haunting.

Residual haunting refers to an event that was so intense that it made an impression upon our reality, and replays again and again.  One such story might be the lady in white that appears every year on May 25th as she walks across the yard.  Perhaps that was her wedding day when she lived and it was so special to her it imprinted on time.  When energy becomes similar to that marking, such as a certain time period or activity like another marriage on that same piece of land, it will replay, much like a videotape.

Mirror haunting (my own made up phrase for the phenomenon) has to do more with the person experiencing or sensing the haunting.  Usually these folks are so very powerful in the art of telekinesis (yes, think Carrie without the pig blood), they unknowingly affect their surroundings and create sounds, actions, etc.  When they get spooked from such an event, this new level of fear adds to the pseudo haunting and the affects amplify.  Then they’re even more spooked, and add even more fuel to the haunting fires.  So, as you can see this never ending cycle can build upon itself until it appears to be a full on haunting, when in reality it is nothing more than self induced haunting.  As they look into it, it is reflected back to them, causing them to be fearful and to create more episodes.

I’ve had many experiences so I am not sure which one’s to share.  Seeing and speaking to the deceased is such a normal thing for me, I feel like the mirror haunting is more intriguing to someone in my position.  The human mind is powerful.  Could you imagine the life changes these folks could make if they realized their true mind power?  What life altering changes they could make.

Mary: Is there a difference between a Medium and a Psychic, or are they basically the same?

Tina:  I don’t know how to answer that question, and I have been asked a lot.  When you are brown eyed, how do you answer the question how does it feel to be brown eyed?  I know I speak to the dead, I see patterns within the living that dictate their usual outcomes, I see storyboards before my eyes of their future, and I hear their traits, desires and oftentimes complete sentences of their private thoughts during a session (otherwise it is being rude and snooping).  So, is that a medium or a psychic?  I just do what I do, and label it all psychic.

Mary: Do you do any type of healing? If so what type, and tell a little about it.

  Yes, I have done healing work on others in the form of lying on of hands.  It is powerful, and yes it worked with the friends and family I used it on.  It is not, however, my primary gift which is healing of spirit.

I felt the need to discover a healing tool to share with my client’s for their situations.  I see no reason to show someone what they need to work on if you don’t tell them how to go about that or what tools to use.  I tried many different suggested modalities of healing work.   When I discovered the essential oils, and their power for healing, I realized I could now provide a valuable tool to my family, friends, and clients for their own situations.

My primary tool that I share with clients is essential oils, therapeutic grade essential oils to be exact.  They are the purest extractions of the plant’s blood that is squeezed one drop at a time into a bottle.  The healing powers of the oils are well documented in history, and were considered more valuable than gold or silver.  Most knew they offered health and well-being, something money could not buy.  Perhaps that is why the oils were considered the greatest of gifts, and were placed before The Christ child’s feet.  I am referring to Frankincense and Myrrh of course.

I quickly discovered the essential oils are foundation blocks of organic healing cells being taken in by an organic being (ourselves).  When organic meets organic a living dance of healing can occur.  This is unlike synthetics being ingested by an organic being.  During that dismal process you have an internal battle for control within the body.  Oftentimes the organic looses the battle, as we clearly see on late night television ads for this lawsuit or that one against the newest drug on the market.   As any carpenter knows, you need the right tool for the job.

When reviewing the power of the essential oils I have seen nothing short of miracles.   I am a skeptic at heart of alternative healing modalities, having searched them out for so many decades for my own personal healing, so it takes a lot to impress me.  You can review the testimonials on my website I assure you every word there is true, as each testimonial there involve me personally.

Mary: Do you work with or see angels? If so explain.

  At many events I attend I am known as The Angel Lady, or the Angel Artist.  This by no means indicates I am “angelic”.  Nothing could be further from reality.  It relates to my ability to connect with the Angelic Force.  Since my first N.D.E. at age 5 I spoke of earlier, I have seen Angels and have interacted with them.  They are an active part of my daily living, and an essential element in my readings.   Everyone has Angels surrounding them, guiding them, and attempting to aid them in their Free Will choices.  At first glance at a person’s Angel Force, they appear milky white with opalescence sparkles of green, blue, pink, etc.  They are moving energy and they can metamorphosis into shapes, sounds and color.   I once told a client, “I wish you could see them all around you”.  I clearly heard in my head, “pick up a pen and draw us for her”.  That began an entirely new direction to my psychic sessions involving the Angel Art.

During a 30-minute session with a client, I do an Angelic drawing, interpretation of the drawing and a psychic type reading.  I begin by drawing a figure that resembles a bowling pin on my art pad.  That represents the client on the paper.  Then the client will begin to speak, perhaps the alphabet, or I might ask them to speak their name a few times.  This allows me to tune into their voice vibration.

At this stage the milky white beings, change shape and turn into color.  These colors are very telling as they are the language of the Angels, a language they have been training me to interpret since 2000.   I begin to reveal what the Angel is saying about my client.  During this time, I draw the Angels as I see them in my mind’s eye, including where they are standing near my client (the bowling pin), on the drawing paper.

The emotional and spiritual depth of an Angelic drawing is very telling and healing to my clients.  From that point, the Angels then offer advice and suggestion to their human.  It is, of course, the human’s choice to take the advice or lead onward with their Free Will.

Mary: Can you give yourself a reading? If not, why?

Tina:  No.  I am controlling and want to steer the reading into a certain direction.  I know myself very well (or so I think), and therefore WANT the reading to say this or that instead of listening to the advice I am being offered from the Universe.  That being said, being in the psychic arena for over 20 yrs. I know the best of the best to go to for a reading.  We usually exchange, they read me, and I read them.  This keeps great balance and harmony and we each get a quality reading.  I have three core readers I open myself up to for a session.

Getting a session is a very open and vulnerable time for a client, or in this case for myself.  I am very careful to whom I give that power over to.  Everything the reader tells us is “going in there”, into our psyche and subconscious.  That being said, I have to truly trust the person has my best interest at heart and has no agenda.  As if that isn’t asking enough, they also need to be in-tune good and accurate readers.  Following all of that, they have to provide me with tools for my homework on self.  As that is how I want to GET a reading, it is also how I strive to GIVE a reading.

Mary: Is there anything I haven’t asked that you think people would find interesting? Or anything you think is important to tell a person going through some type of crisis. What would be the benefit to them to have a reading, etc.

Tina:  Crisis is the worst time to get a reading, but of course is what everyone think they want.   When someone comes to a reader in crisis mode, they are only going to hear about 50% of what the reader is saying.  Of that limited amount, they will only absorb 10% of the guidance given.  Rarely do they act on that advice.

When a person calls me for a session in a full out panic, I attempt to book them about 30 days out.  This gives them time to change their mind as they settle, calm down and begin to organize the problem, and form new questions.  Let me give you an example.  Someone calls in a panic they have just heard they may loose their job.  That is all they want to know (they think), will they or will they not loose their job.  If the answer is “yes” they panic more.  “What will I do?’ “Why?” and then the anger of “Why me?”  These are reactions to the information and they are extremely emotional as your client is still in the thick of their situation or battle.  Rarely will you get to the core issue of the truth with the level of chaos that accompanies a crisis.

The fact of the matter is usually this; the client had received a psychic notification huge changes were coming.  Most ignore the notification, and now act as if this is all a really big surprise to them.  Rarely can we review a situation in hindsight and say we were really and truly surprised.  We are intuitive psychic beings.  We are not left to wander the earth without resources, the most primary resource being our instinctual connection to our Creator.  That connection is a two-way source, and we are never left without warning and without clarification.   When we ignore these signals, symbols and whispers is when we find ourselves knee high in crapola.   This is easily done, I do it myself all the time and I KNOW this stuff.  LOL.

When people are in panic and crisis mode they are reactionary, and rarely see things logically.  What good would a reading do for a client at that stage?   Most readers just want to help ease the pain of the client and believe following through with a client in their crisis will benefit them the most.   These are the only times I have seen client’s complain about a reader taking advantage of them, and of course we can see how they might feel this way once the initial crisis or pain subsides.

So, when a client calls in a panic, in a crisis, they are not actually seeking hardcore direction, guidance and answers.  Most of the time they are seeking someone they can vent to, use as a sounding board as they sort through the layers of their situation,  and sometimes it is as simple as having the person on the other end of the phone say “oh no he didn’t!”  That is not a reader but rather a friend.

In summery this is why I will not read someone fresh from a psychic battle or worse yet, still in the midst of it.  I would do them no real benefit, and they would be paying me to be their friend.    While it might feel like the right thing to do for the client at the time,  we know it is not what the person actually needs.

Thank you, Tina, for taking the time to answer my questions and participate in my blog paranormal week.

Thanks for asking me to participate; I hope my answers make sense.  I tend to ramble like the nutty professor.  It was a lovely interview. 


Liz Lipperman said…
Great interview, Mary. Tina, I would like to know if you ever find out anything bad about someone - like that he is a predator or that she will get cancer? If so, do you tell them?

Very interesting blog, guys.
Mary Martinez said…
Good question Liz. I'd like to know that answer to that also.
Hi Liz,

Of course I tell them. It is HOW I tell them, however, that decides the amateur from the professional. It is not something that should be blurted out, and the client can be lead to the answer without the psychic actually saying anything specfic about the topic.

For example, if someone is a predator say in a relationship. Then in the session various things will show (I like to use cards at this stage), such as the distrust card, where the issue can be approached. No one comes to me without his or her inner voice and knowledge acknowledging every single step. Most readings are CONFIRMATIONS not so much REVELATIONS, as we really do know everything we need to prior to sitting down. When a stranger can confirm what you know, then it gives you the nod that you aren't crazy, you aren't being overly critical, you aren't making mountains our of molehills. The cards would also reveal what type of predator we are discussing; sexual, monetary, drama or even worse dealing with children. The answer is always in the question, so I might ask my client “there is a distrust card here, and now the children card.” I then ask questions, “are you having some sort of disturbing feelings about leaving this man alone with your children?” If they say “no”, then we go another direction and put the light on the children. “Perhaps then, this is saying you may want to really connect with your children at this time, they seem to want to build very deep bonds with their mother (or father).” Without placing the scarlet letter on the predator, we have empowered the mother to look deeper into the situation. The sub-conscious is a powerful being and it “heard” the message loud and clear, as well as confirming the whisperings that had been given to our client for a while. No one can ever truly say they didn’t have a clue. Not with the Angels and Guides that we have with each of us.

As far as health issues, all psychics must tread very carefully on HOW to deliver this information. For my clients, many times the Angels will have me place a block of color or a squiggly line of color on the drawing we do. This indicates there is an issue there. So I approach it this way “we seem to have a blockage in the stomach. This is the seat of digesting things you intake and breaking them down for easy distribution. Not only physically but also emotionally. When we have issues with our emotional processes, our stomach will remind us of this. Our bodies speak for our spirits. When we cannot “stomach this or that”, our stomach agrees and reacts this way.

I always remind the client I am not a doctor (nor do I play one on TV), but perhaps they should make an appointment and speak to their dr. about this particular area. If I am right, they might be able to clear this energy blockage. If I am wrong, I just cost them a co-pay. The client usually always agrees. I have many client testimonials where they have taken in their Angel Art to their doctors and compared it to x-rays, etc. to document their ailment.

I hope this answers your ?. – Tina Michelle
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks Tina, that was very helpful. For me anyway.
Mary Moreno said…
Excellent interview, Mary and Tina. Thank you. It brought up a lot of feelings in me. Where I am at this time of my life is that I can only deal with this day only. When I wander backwards or forward I get in trouble.
Great interview Mary. Fascinating information Tina. I am writing a mystery series about a psychic who uses various tools to help her see her visions more clearly. All you have said is very helpful. I just might have to interview you myself ;-)

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