Paranormal Interview with Carla Mae

Welcome to my blog and paranormal week. Thank you, Carla Mae, for allowing me to explore your talent. I’m very excited to have you as a guest on my Mary’s Rambling blog.

Mary: First, tell me a bit about yourself.

Carla:  Thank You Mary for having me on your blog.  I am from Texas.  Right smack dab in the Bible belt.  I have been a pro Psychic Medium for about 13 years now.  I have hosted my own TV Show, "Message with Carla Mae", taught years of classes and authored "Believing in Paradise," and read for more people than I can count.  My business is based primarily on referral.  Although, you can find more info about me at

Mary: Do you see ghosts? Can you explain what you mean when you see a ghost? Do you see an actual person standing there?

Carla:  Well, I see spirit.  A ghost to me is just a confused spirit.  For example,  if nothing bad is  happening to a person at their grave site, then maybe a person might choose to stay there, at their grave site, for a long, long while.  At anytime, they can choose to go on to the rest of their journey.  A "ghost" is simply taking a long break from their path.  I see spirit of all kinds all over the place and yes I see them just like I would see you!  Other times, I might see them in my mind, almost like "feeling" them.

Mary: Do you give readings? Or if not, can you still ‘see’ what might happen to a person when you shake their hand or visit with them?

Carla:  I have given readings for over a decade.  I feel all kinds of things when I meet people.  Many times all I need is to see their face, or perhaps, shake their hand.  However, I do not read people's mind's.  

Mary: What does it mean when you say ‘Free Will’ can change the outcome of a reading?

Carla:  The special thing about life here on Earth is that we all have free will.  That means we are all in charge of our destiny.  If you don't like what you hear in a reading, you always have the chance to change what the psychic might be feeling is coming ahead for you.  We are not at another's mercy - we are responsible for our own lives and what they bring us.  This of course, is a great theory if life is going well, and a terrible theory - if life is horrible.

Mary: Do you ever visit places reported to be ‘haunted’ to investigate? And have you had anything happen? Were you scared?

Carla:  I have done some "ghost busting."  I find it to be sad.  I really feel bad when spirit's are trapped even when it is by their own hand.  I try to liberate them from their containment, and if that does not work, I let them be.  I don't remember a time I was ever really afraid of spirit.  They are just people without physical bodies.

Mary: Is there a difference between a Medium and a Psychic, or are they basically the same?

:  A Medium is a psychic who has the capacity to connect to the other side.  A psychic is a person who feels energy in auras.  Everyone has energy left over in their aura's.  Every Medium is a psychic as well.  A Medium has to be able to connect to the other side.

Mary: Do you do any type of healing? If so what type, and tell a little about it.

Carla:  I have taught and performed Reiki for years.  Reiki is believed to be the same type of healing Jesus healed with. Therapeutic touch is also basically Reiki for those pro's in the healing industry.  Basically, it is all the same energy.

Mary: Do you work with or see angels? If so explain.

Carla:  I have worked with Angels of all kinds and types for years.  I work mostly with Archangels.  When I do a reading I talk with my clients Higher Self, or Guardian Angel.  Everyone has a Higher Self.  It is the part of us that is most closely connected to God.

Mary: Can you give yourself a reading? If not, why?

I truly believe our abilities as a psychic are just like any other gift from God.  Some people play basketball well, some sing, some read energy and see beyond what is being said.  I believe our intuition is God's way of helping us navigate through life, so reading for ourselves is the most important reading we can ever do.

Mary: Is there anything I haven’t asked that you think people would find interesting? Or anything you think is important to tell a person going through some type of crisis. What would be the benefit to them to have a reading, etc.

Carla:  Times are tough, life is hard for everyone right now.  We are in the beginnings of one of the biggest changes of all times.  Anything can change.  No matter how difficult our life may seem today, life can change in a matter of minutes or hours.  God can make miracles happen if we just wait for it.  Hold on and breathe, let God happen and life will get better.

Thank you, Carla, for taking the time to answer my questions and participate in my blog paranormal week.


Anita Clenney said…
Fascinating blog. Gives a lot to think about. I've always believed there are lots of things happening in life beyond the normal. Things we can't see with human eyes.
I enjoyed reading this article. I particularly want to comment on this: "Reiki is believed to be the same type of healing Jesus healed with." There is definitely a grain of truth in there. From all of the good stuff I've heard about Reiki, it might just be something out of grasp of a man's understanding. Sometimes, the things we can't explain are those that are so powerful; it's actually transforming.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Carla Mae for a very insightful blog entry. It is very refreshing to get an inside glimpse into the mind of someone with such knowledge. The "free will" portion was particularly interesting for me. I found this very informative, and look forward to finding out more about your work.

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