New York Ramblings

I went to New York City for a weekend the first part of March. I love New York, what can I say? It's so full of energy. Fast paced and so much to do.

We saw two Broadway plays, West Side Story and South Pacific both great musicals. And of course I had a hard time not singing along with the familiar music.

My biggest thrill was the research. I write alot set in the city and taking pictures to bring home visuals is so much help. Knowing the popular areas, etc. Is a must.

It was a bit cold but on a whole, sunny. All the walking we did, off set all the food we consumed in Little Italy on Mulberry at a little place called Amici. Great atmosphere and food if you're ever there I recommend it.

I could go on for days about New York but I won't bore you.

Next week I will have my Paranormal Interview week. I will post the schedule soon, I'm waiting for one more interview to be returned.

I'd love to hear from any of you who love NYC as much as I do.
Thanks all of you for reading.


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