Woohoo! Watching Jenny released yesterday!

Yes I know I should have announced this yesterday, but I didn't want to appear too eager! But here is all the information on my latest! Hope you enjoy!
Watching Jenny
Available now! Siren-BookStrand Publishing

Known as Blade with wild pink hair, tattoos and piercings, Jenny McGregor works to keep her life private. But her self-constructed barriers are breached after she receives flowers and threatening notes signed by ‘Runner’.

Desperate to stop the threat before she goes on tour, Jenny hires hunky Detective Dan Janson for protection. Unable to catch the stalker before the tour bus leaves, Dan is forced to stifle his attraction to Jenny. They’re carried along on a dangerous game of cat and mouse from San Diego to Memphis the city of Elvis and the blues.

Each day the two draw closer together. When ‘Runner’ lures Jenny away from the tour, Dan’s forced to acknowledge he’s fallen in love with the feisty singer.

Hot on Jenny’s trail, Dan soon learns ‘Runner’ is not one of the usual suspects.

Finally sitting in front of her mirror after her shower, with her hair drying in curly wisps around her face, she noticed the beautiful arrangement of exotic flowers. Frowning, she wondered who could have sent them. She reached out to touch the card, only to pull her hand back. She didn’t want to admit it, but she was frightened it might be from the same nutcase who had been sending her notes all week. She hadn’t told anyone about them, for then she would have to take it seriously, and she really wanted the problem to go away.

“Come on, Jenny girl, show some guts. You have to read the damn thing sooner or later.” he had hoped the short pep talk out loud would calm her. After a long moment of indecision, she reached out with determination, grasped the envelope firmly, and pulled it from the ribbon around the vase. Lifting the flap, she closed her eyes and pulled the card out. She didn’t realize that she was holding her breath until she read the message and let out a soft gasp.

Peekaboo, I see you.
You know, Blade, or should I say Jenny,
after all, we are friends; I really don’t think you should walk
in front of your bedroom window, naked, the way you do.
Although you are lovely to look at.
I’m looking forward to your next little show.
Enjoy the flowers.

This was getting out of hand. She had received a note almost every day. Someone must be stalking her. They only do that in the movies, don’t they? She would ask Rich if he had seen who had sent the flowers. She walked to the door, paused as her hand touched the knob, then sighed, returned to her chair, and plopped down onto the seat. She might be in danger. Might be? Who are you kidding, Jenny, you are in danger. That left only one person to go to so her friends wouldn’t be in danger.

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