Tuesday Rambles

Big Changes...

I sign with an agent and now my family takes me serious. So perhaps Mom really did quite work to write instead of enjoy the grandbabies. My husband is now encouraging me to attend RWA nationals instead of saying we can't afford for me to go this year.

What a difference a contract makes.

I loved having the kids here and enjoyed having time with them. I'm actually going through a bit of withdrawals. But as my daughter-in-law said now when I spend time with the grandkids it will be fun and special not Nana babysitting. And that is so true.

Now... What to do? Write? You bet, my daily goals just went up a few notches as did my editing goals. So why am I rambling on and on, on my blog? Beats me...

I'm off to write and edit. Ramble a bit later.


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