Sundance Ramblings

For many the Sundance Film Festival is something you read about, you never experience. Like the Cannes Film Festival or the Toronto International Film Festival for most of us it's something that happens elsewhere. Sure it's fun to read who won. Maybe see one of the award winning 'Cannes' movies that comes to a theater near you.

But in Utah, every January Sundance madness arrives. Sundance began in 1978--don't worry I'm not going to give you a history lesson or anything--back then it was a little film thinger at the ski resort owned by that Robert Redford guy from Butch Cassedy and the Sundance Kid. You saw a blurb or two in the paper. Then it spread to Park City, Utah. New films, and producers wanted in. And another blurb or two were added to the paper.

Each year, it seemed to grow. Until now; Sundance twentyten, even Park City can't hold everything. There are films showing not only at Sundance and Park City, but all over in independent theatres in downtown Salt Lake City, and further north in Ogden. Now even the common person, such as myself, can experience a little slice of Sundance without traveling to Park City, and joining in the chaos and madness that bring the stars in year after year.

My husband and I joined my brother in law and his wife for dinner and then attended a debut film called Homewrecker. This is a low budget independent film.  Though you could tell because there were no 'name' actors in it, it was still a great film. Quirky and entertaining.

Last night they held the award ceremony in Park City, I'm not surprised that the film we saw came out with an award. Best of the Next. The Barnes Brothers are on their way up, I can't wait to see what they do next.

Now next year I'm going to see if I can get tickets to a showing in Park City, I'd love to experience the energy and chaos. Do a little start gazing. You never know who you might see. If you're ever near or in Utah in January, make it a point to drop by Robert Redford's magnificent Sundance Festival.

Of course I say this every year. But life is too short. Next year is my year!


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