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What is your inspiration or motivation to write? Is it the quotes we send to each other? Is it the hunky dudes we post from time to time? Or is it to see your name at the front of the B&N or at the top of the NYT Bestsellers list?
Reach down deep inside yourself—or as a friend of mine would instruct us, in your center. What do you see? Is it one of the above? When I look closely I see six reasons…
Marcus – AKA Eddie
Zackary –AKA Zacky Wacky
Anthony- AKA Tony B.
Ayden—AKA 81
James—AKA Jimmy Mack when are you coming back
Kaylee Mae—AKA Princess
These are my six motivations. I want my grandkids and family to be proud of me, of my accomplishments. I want to be a success so that I can help give them advantages that I didn’t have. Like going to school without having to take one class at a time while working and/or raising a family. I want them to have success so they aren’t living pay check to pay check. I want them to know that whatever you set your mind to do, despite the odds you can succeed.
And to add to that, the fun side is when your son calls you on Dec. 24th at 5pm and asks “Mom, I’m just getting off work, and I’ll be there to pick the boys up soon, but I have to get something. Should a guy buy a present for a girl if you’re not really dating, but you’ve been out. But you can’t say you’re actually ‘dating’ yet? Would I be a complete A**hole if I didn’t buy her something? Or if I did and she didn’t buy me anything would I make her feel bad? I didn’t know what to do and I thought, hey my mom is a romance thinger—yes he said this. So I’m asking what should I do?”
So his mother the romance thinger said “Well you don’t want something too intimate, if it were one of my characters I’d have him buy her a nice bottle of wine. Not too personal.”
Son, “I don’t know if she drinks or likes wine.”
Romance thinger, “Well then I’d say flowers or chocolates. But I think I’d go with flowers.”
Son, “Over chocolates? I thought they were the best. Wouldn’t you like chocolates?”
Romance thinger, “Yes, but I’d give them to the kids because I wouldn’t want to eat them. Though I’d think the thought was nice. So if she’s watching her weight, she may appreciate the thought, but she wouldn’t eat them. I love flowers. Not roses, they say love with a capitol L so since you’re dating, but not really dating, I’d say a flower mix arrangement.”
Son, “okay where do I get them?”
Romance Thinger, “Well dear, it’s 5pm on Christmas eve. Probably Smiths.”
Son, “She’ll think that’s tacky.”
Romance Thinger, “She’s not going to know. I have a vase we’ll make sure it looks professional, but I don’t know where else would still be opened by the time you leave your work and get there.”
Plus, we had a party to get too and I needed him to pick up the boys, like an hour earlier.
Son, “But I’m not going to ask her for the vase back.”
Like I’d expect him too, Sheesh. Romance thinger, “That’s okay. You come home I’ll go to Smith’s and pick up the flowers and have them ready when you get here.”
So I found a lovely arrangement—within his price range. It was ready to go when he arrived. He dropped them off to her on Christmas and she thought they were beautiful. She gave him a GC to Famous Daves.  We told him it would be lovely if he took her there to share it with him.
These are the things that motivate me. My family, my grandkids and all six of my little reasons stare at me daily from their frames on my desk.
Dig deep in your center, what really motivates you?


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