Monday Evening Rambles

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. I leave the day after for a vacation with hubby. He's turning 60 and wanted to go to Key West for his birthday. No I am not that old!

Anyway, so we're going to do things nice and laid back on the holiday. Open house. Cook in the morning put it all on hot plates or crockpots. Everyone will drop by after 2:00 pm, chill, watch football and eat.

I hope it's as relaxing as it sounds.

What are your plans?

If you're an author how do you find time to write? Do you take a break during the holidays? Or do you still write a little every day. Let me know, I'd love to hear.
Until Next week!


Write One said…
Mary, I grew up in Orlando, and NEVER made to Key West. So, I'm jealous. I get all four of my children for Thanksgiving, so, I'm in heaven. Writing. hmm. Does this count?
Write One said…
Jealous and sitting in heaven? Character in termoil.

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