Holiday Rambling

It's that time of week again. My Monday Ramble. And it's on the holidays this time. Have you started your shopping? Have you finished? I haven't even started!

We're doing a family trip to Orlando in April--I know it doesn't really have anything to do with Christmas--So I thought, hey why not buy the kids something for the trip. We're going to visit SeaWorld while we are there and the ticket is within my price range and would leave enough for me to buy the traditional outfit, etc. But then I thought, but what happens, if heaven for bid, something comes up and we can't go? Then I'm out the money for the ticket and the poor kids are out a present from Nana & Papa.

Hey a Visa Gift Card with a Disney picture on front. has Gift Cards like that but you can only use them at Disney parks and Disney on line. Visa has credit cards like that. But I couldn't find Visa Gift Cards with a Disney character on them. So now I'm back to the drawing board.

There there is Thanksgiving, I know it's before Christmas, but every year it's hard to plan. We have our non-traditional family. The grandkids are with their mom's or their dad's and I never know which of our children will be here with kids or with out kids. And then to add to that you have the kids in-laws who want them at their house, and my step kid's mom who wants our kids and the grandkids there. And of course this is with all the holidays, but for some reason it messes up Thanksgiving more than anything.

Done rambling, any ideas on what I can do, and keep the theme of Disney for our trip, let me know!
Thanks for listening, yet again!


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