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Chick Magnet
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Madison McCullough is recuperating from a broken heart. Her fiancé hadn't really loved her, he had used her as a babysitter for his young son while he wined and dined other women.

Brady O'Neill is a Formula One racecar driver recuperating from injuries from a near death accident and a broken heart. Brady’s matchmaking sister believes her son to be a chick magnet and encourages Brady to take her son to the grocery store.

When Madison and Brady meet, oranges roll. Thanks to Payton, Brady’s nephew. The first eye contact over the fruit table causes the air to sizzle. No matter how much Madison resists the attraction, the two are destined for each other.
She’d wasted the entire morning reading over the first page of her brief several times. She’d given up and decided she might as well do her shopping. Now here she was at the market and the same problem plagued her. Inhaling, slowing exhaling, Madison read over her list another time.

God, she was desperate. She still lusted after the unknown good-looking guy at the bar. Maybe chocolate would distract her.

She rounded the corner and almost ran into the object of her obsession. She blinked a few times in case she was hallucinating. A dark-haired cutie wiggled in the basket seat. She looked at the young, innocent blue eyes staring at her and raised hers to meet the man’s. He had the same baby blues, no doubt because he was the father. Time to run in the opposite direction. Fast.

“Excuse me. I’m sorry I almost ran into you.” Madison began backing her cart back the way she’d come.

“No problem, I…” A squeal, a giggle and a neat stack of oranges dissolved, spilling over the sides of the gondola.

Oranges rolled everywhere. Taking advantage of the commotion, Madison made her escape. Her heartbeat drummed loudly, and she looked around to see if anyone else could hear. Shopping cart practically on two wheels as she rounded the corner, she paused to lean over far enough to peek back over her shoulder. The impact of those intense blue eyes watching her, undisturbed by the chaos caused by his son, shocked her clear to her toes.

With the air trapped in her lungs, she barely managed to push her cart out of sight. Hand over her heart, she exhaled slowly to calm herself. Oh, the way he’d made love to her with his eyes. In the middle of the grocery store, he totally ignored his small son. It didn’t matter. She wouldn’t be seeing him again. All she had to do was put the experience out of her mind. Yeah right.

* * * *

Shock rippled through him when he’d nearly run into the dark haired beauty from the wine bar. Brady grinned. She looked absolutely adorable in nice snug jeans and Purdue sweatshirt as she’d stammered an apology.

But when she’d paused at the end of the isle to glance over her shoulder, another shock had ran over him. Time stood still. Caught off guard by the impact, electricity flowed through his body.

Then she’d gone.

“Excuse me sir.”

“Sir, excuse me, you’ll need to move so we can get these oranges picked up.”

Brady reluctantly turned his attention back to the manager. He wondered if the man’s jaw would break with his teeth clenched so tight it was a miracle the guy could even talk.

Brady wanted more than anything to find the mysterious woman again, but with a sigh turned toward the mess his nephew had created. Several apologies didn’t seem to placate the harried man, and neither did the offer of help to clean up. He was told in no uncertain terms his help wasn’t needed, and he could just be on his way. Brady took the hint and pushed his cart out of the way.

“Now Payton, if you’re going to be a chick magnet, as your shirt says, you can’t be chasing the pretty ladies away.” With one last look at the rolling oranges, Brady went to search out the petite beauty.

Luck was not with him.

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Emily from Cata Network gave Chick Magnet 5 stars and says: Witty with a element of surprise, a pure joy to read.

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