Tuesday Ramblings - Yes I'm a day late!

Good Morning!
I meant to ramble yesterday, but I was gone all day. I went with my daughter and the kids to the Zoo. They have so many baby animals. And I just have to share..

This is the baby Giraffe and below is the mother and it's baby tiger, it's a little hard to see. But she actually had triplets.

But the best is the baby elephant, Zuri! Isn't she a doll. So tiny yet weighs so much!

Okay enough of my Zoo ramblings. What I really wanted to discuss, I mean ramble about was...

Conference Pitching!
How many of you have gone to a conference to pitch your story? And how many of you have taken a workshop on the Perfect Pitch? What did you learn? That industry standards are approx. 10 minutes. That seems like such a short time to me. But when you're sweating bullets sitting in front of an agent or editor, believe me it's the longest ten minutes of your life.

Okay all that being said. How do you sell an idea or your story in that short of time? Do you think it should be shorter or longer? I mean you could sit down and throw out a hook...

In the early sixties during the time of make love, not war, Kathleen finds love and starts a war with her family.

And then discuss for a minute or two. Or would you rather have time to throw out a full blurb and then discuss? Tell me what you think works best for you!
Done a ramblin' for today!
See you next week.


What I've done (and been told) is yes, to have that one line that hooks them, but then give them the blurb. If the agent / editor is interested, they will ask more questions about your story. Oh, and don't forget to tell them about your accomplishments. (wink)

Mary said…
I have accomplishments? LOL
Denise Patrick said…
The two times I have pitched have both seemed like disasters to me. For one, I went to a workshop the day before on pitching and went back to my room and completely re-wrote my pitch. It was better, but it also meant I had to read it to the agent, which I didn't think was a good thing. The other (my first), I was just plain nervous and hadn't practiced enough.

And Mary? Of course you have accomplishments!! I have a lot of admiration for you and what you've accomplished.
Mary said…
Thank you Denise! Looking forward to see you at the conference next weekend!

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