Good Monday to everyone!

Welcome to some more of my ramblings. For lack of a better term that is. It's cool and rainy and I'm loving it. Fall my favorite time of year. However, that's not what I'm about to ramble on about.

First before the official ramble, I'll tell you a bit about the movie Julie & Julia. Remember last week I told you all I'd report back how I liked it.

Basically it's a true story. Julie who has ADD and apparently can never finish any projects. She's a writer (aren't we all?) and of course hasn't finished her novel. She becomes obsessed with Julia Child and her recipes and mostly Julia's story. Their lives had several parallels. Anyway, Julie's husband encourages her to start a blog, and she does.

She sets out to try all the recipes in Julia's cook book in 365 days and blog about it. And I actually found her blog, it's called The Julie/Julia Project. It's pretty fun to read, check it out.

The movie is entertaining, though some of the time I must admit to being impatient to move along.

Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci were the stars though, and for that reason alone I'd recommend it. However, Julie Powell who wrote the blog, being an author; I'm torn between liking her story and hating her guts. I mean how many of us have dreamt of someone reading our blog or excerpt and the phone starts ringing off the hook with offers to publish our books and make movies of them? And it happened to Julie Powell. I give this a 4

I guess that was quite a ramble in itself!

I won't ramble on about what my original subject was, but I'm going to ask you the question I was going to end with anyway.

Do you think it important to volunteer in your writing organization? (RWA, Mystery Writers, etc.)
And if you do, why?
Till next time!


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