First of the week ramblings

It's Monday. It's fall the air is crisp--which is why I have a jacket on--and my brain is lazy. It's time to get motivated, I need to do my 2000 words every day. But for some reason I cannot force myself to get motivated. What do you do when this happens?

I usually crank the music and meditate. I try to visualize my characters and what they're going to do today. I've done all, it's not working today.

Well that's my morning ramble about motivation. Now I'll tell you a bit about the book I finished reading this week.
Mr. Cavendish, I Presume
Julia Quinn
Avon Books
This is 2nd book about the Duke of Wyndham. The first one The Lost Duke Of Wyndham was wonderful I loved it. You can check out my review: This was from two other characters points of view. Both in Mr. Cavendish, I Presume.

I'll give you a quick review of my thoughts without giving away anything. This is Thomas Cavendish and Lady Amelia Willoughby's side of the story. I love Julia Quinn, she always tells a wonderful story. I am conflicted on this book. On the one hand her characters come to life and as always I'm ready to give her a 5. However, on the other hand I felt like I was reading the same story, which I was, just from two other character's point of view. Though I like to read some stories twice, it's usually because I choose to do so, not find another book and the story is the same. Because I loved the characters so much, I'd still give her a 3 on the story.
I would still recommend you read it!
So all and all on an average I give this book a 4


I ususally get motivated by looking at pictures (from the web) of the era I'm writing in. If that doesn't work, then I go back to one of my very old stories and start reading through that. The writing is so awful, I have no other choice but to want to fix it, which in turns help to kick-start my muse. If that doesn't work, try watching a movie that you've seen before and has a very bad ending. Don't you know romance writers always want to have a happily ever after? (grins)

Good luck, Mary!

Mary said…
Well it's a contemporary, set in NYC so maybe I'll look through my NY pictures. But I'll try some of these things.
Hi, Mary. When I get stuck on a storyline, I usually go back through my WIP and edit for awhile. There are some days that I just don't fight it and pick out a good book to read. I have never read Julie Quinn, but I think that I will look for this author after you talked about her books.
Mary said…
Thanks! Luckily I've passed the point of not being motivated. I'm moving along now.

Zequeatta, you'll love Julia Quinn. Especially the Bridgerton series.

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