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Yesterday I attended a pre-pre season football tailgating. Was it just for fun? Yes, but no. What? Let me explain. One of our friends who sits with us in the South End zone every week at the University of Utah Football games every fall, arranged this wonderful morning/afternoon. We were invited into the new practice field where banners of the UTES success hung with pride. Trophies and plaques galore. We toured the new Alex Smith weight facility. The new locker room, all fresh and pretty. We even got to meet a couple of the players, yowser, yowser! And I can't forget that we saw the new turf!

Morgan Scalley, a former Ute player who is now their recruiting coach talked a little reality to us in their--I'm not sure what they call it--strategy room. The walls graced with highlights of former and current players. Motivational sayings and the list goes on.

As I listened I realized, Morgan influences young lives every day. He encourages them to be all they can be, but first and foremost he is positive, and lets them know that learning is their top priority.

Another high point, I gazed around and realized that all of it could be used in whatever you choose to do with your life. Morgan said the one thing he loved about Ute Head Coach Whittingham was the fact he was never comfortable with the present that he knows there is always something new to learn.

Well, that is so true for me. If I don't learn something from every contest and every rejection, then I'm not growing. I can listen--and apply--to the Ute players and coaches when they say:

'Train like Champions'
'Practice the way you play'
'Respect the Process'
'Protect this House'
'Don't complain, compare, criticize'
'Think. Believe. Expect. Attitude. Behavior. Performance. WIN'

I can use these every day to help me become the successful author I know I can be. Don't you think these are sage words for anyone be they 'Author', 'Mother', 'Father', 'Banker', 'Customer Service'. You can implement them anyway for anything and become a better person.

No I did not write yesterday, but the trade off in inspiration was worth it. I am more determined than ever to succeed and help my grandchildren be able to afford to go to college, hopefully to the wonderful and inspirational University of Utah.

Be positive in all you do!


stanalei said…
Thanks for the uplifting message for us to apply in all areas of our lives. Great message.Thanks for sharing.


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