Julia Quinn Book Review / The Lost Duke of Wyndham

The Lost Duke of Wyndham

Jack Audley has grown up in a loving family with his aunt and uncle, he's been a soldier and as unlikely as it seems a highwayman. But he's always been a charming, handsome rogue. Leaving broken hearts wherever he goes. Then he finds out his father who died before his birth may have been in line to be a Duke, so where does that leave him.

When Grace Eversleigh's parents died leaving her an orphan the dowager Duchess of Wyndham saved her hiring her as companion. The duchess is not a pleasant woman to say the least. That had been five long years years ago. Grace knew her place in society, and that was not in the same circles with Duke's. But she was blessed because she was able to see her friends from time to time at parties and other outings. It would be enough, she told herself.

Then Jack landed in her life and charmed her to her toes. Love would be forbidden if he were the new Duke, what was she to do?

As always Ms. Quinn has written a fun and lively tale. Full of adventure and romance. You do not want to miss it!
I give this 4 and a


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