Julia Quinn Book Review / The Duke and I

The Duke and I - 1st book of the Bridgerton Series
Julia Quinn
Avon Historical Romance

Simon Basset wants nothing to do with marriage minded misses. Now that he's back in London he's found his best friend is correct, all the Mama's are after him.

His best friend has a sister, Daphne Bridgerton, who wants to marry for love. Her mother has given her a list of eligibles, and her well meaning brother is trying to help. What she really wants is to choose for herself.

Together Simon and Daphne come up with a plan. They're engaged. Not. But everyone thinks they are. The sparks fly, not just between the two non-love birds, but Daphne's protective family, mostly the Bridgerton Brothers.

I loved this story and cannot wait to read the rest. All eight of them. Yes eight. That's a large family and I can tell it's going to be worth it. Ms. Quinn has a wonderful romantic fun voice not to be missed.
I give this a 4 and a double side car


Toni V.S. said…
This book was one programmed into my new Palm Pilot. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have read it several times. I love the dialogue between Simon and Daphne and Simon adn the Bridgerton Brothers. Perhaps some day I'll get around to reading the others.

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