Two Reviews - Sammi Carter and Judy Baker

Hi All,
I bet you all thought I'd fallen off the planet or something. Nope, just busy. I accomplished what I wanted with Nano, and I have been reading. So today you get not just one review, but two. And I'm currently reading Nora's third in the Sign of the Seven Trilogy.

Candy Apple Dead

This is the first book of the A Candy Shop Mystery series. Abby Shaw has just been through a messy divorce and come home to lick her wounds. Shortly after returning home, she inherits a candy shop. Trying to learn or remember everything about the recipes, and dealing with running the shop and making a go of the business, she is trying to be involved with the town.

She has a tentative dinner date with a handsome man before the town meeting, set to discuss the idea of a longer festival to bring in new business to the small community. However her date never shows up. She soon discovers why, his business has burnt to the ground, and no one knows where he is.

This is a fun cozy mystery. One you want to sit by the fire, sipping hot chocolate to read. It's well written, and I can't wait to read more about Abby.
I give this a 3 and a side car
Homeless Santa
The Wild Rose Press

L.B. had already supported one husband. Once he'd gone to medical school and opened his practice he didn't need her any more. Now here was this gorgeous Santa at the department store. How could she resist him?

Daniel saw a vision in the department store window. He knew the minute he saw L.B. decorating for Denny Day Department for Christmas she was the one. And even though he looked his worst she still smiled at him through the glass, heating his blood up on a cold and blustery day.

The growing attraction between L.B. and Daniel is heart warming, fun and a wonderful Christmas story. Something to curl up with on a cold snowy evening.
I give this 3
If I do not make it back to my blog for a review on Nora's book, I'll see you all after the holidays. Please have a good and safe holiday with your family and friends.
Look for a review of some New Orleans restaurants after the new year!


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