Utah Romance Writers of America Conference - Review!

This weekend I went to Utah RWA Conference.
Romance in the Mountains
Fall in Love with Writing Again
The theme was apt! The mountains were colorful, although wet. And I did fall in love with writing again. I can't wait to get my submissions ready to send off and finish my work in progress.
Our fearless leader and also nice to meet a new friend Jude and reacquaint with old friends, Sara, Cami and Judy.
The venue was beautiful, and very accommodating. Perfect place. The out of town guests had a real treat, and I think that is what the board/committee was looking for.
The workshops had so much valuable information, it will take me a while to let it all sink in and retain it.
The keynote speakers were not to be out down, and Sherry Lewis on Friday night received a well deserved standing ovation for hers.

It even had a chocolate inspiration night, with guest psychic. Very decadent! And the conference ended with a book signing, I bought way too many. I have my reading material for the next year and I can't wait to read them all.
KyAnn Waters, Nick Conrad from EC and Crystal Jordan
Lisa and Cori Deyoe from 3 Seas Agency
Phyllis Campbell and one of her books (sorry too dark to see)
RaeAnne Thayne, one of our famous authors!
Kim who has the brains behind the money part of the conference!
Judy Baker chatting at the Book Signing.
Tiff with her B&N friends.
RaeAnne and Melissa Mayhue.
Denise Patrick with all her books
Our California Guest Caroline Fyffe who came in first place in not one but two categories in the Heart of the West Contest.
So as you can imagine I give this a 5+ (Chocolate seemed more appropriate than a Margarita.


stanalei said…
Great Review, Mary. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Molly Daniels said…
Glad you had a great time:)
Jude Bown said…
Mary, I agree whole-heartedly. The conference was magnificant and it was a treat to see your photos and comments -- thanks for including me. I agree with your rating... a 5+ mouth-watering chocolate rating, indeed. Here's to you, my new friend...cheers.

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