Melissa Mayhue Review / Soul of a Highlander

Soul of a Highlander
Pocket Books

This is Ms. Mayhue's third book in the series. I reviewed the other two, the last book Highland Guardian also has the link to her first one Thirty Nights with a Highland Husband.

I loved the first two books and thought there was no way she could top them. I was wrong! Mairi and Ramos are the ultimate in sexy romance. And the story has you flipping the pages as fast as you can. And now I'm wanting more, when will the next one be here? Because I want it NOW!

Mairi MacKiernan was saved from death from her sister in law, and brought to the future in order to do it. For nine years she hasn't belonged in the future and felt she'd lost her chance at her one true love, that surely lived in her past, hundreds of years earlier. Then, through her research, she finds her aunt, who raised her as a daughter, was going to lose her daughter. Not wanting that to happen she must travel back in time to prevent it.

Her family sends the Guardian, Ramos Servans, to protect her from herself and bring her home safely. But he has his own agenda and what he thinks is his destiny.

The sparks between these two fly and sizzle on the pages. Though the two are, at times, at odds they compliment each other and both find their destiny together. And in the bargain set you up for the next in the series.
I give this a 5+


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