Classical Mystery Tour-- A Tribute to the Beatles--Utah Symphony / Review

Classical Mystery Tour - A tribute to the Beatles with the Utah Symphony.

The songs were performed exactly as they were written. The background of the symphony topped it off. We had a wonderful time, and I'm sorry for those who missed it.

The weather however, left a lot to be desired. Most of the time was a downpour. Mostly a person's view of the stage was this:This was taken with my hand raised above the umbrella to take the picture. Luckily Ron threw our slickers in, and we kept dry for the most part.I told Denise they were renting Slickers but she didn't know why she would want one, her feet weren't cold? Not slippers! Well it was a little noisy with the music and all.

Sam and Karen were our virgins--they'd never been there, and weren't aware of the imminent dangers of changing weather. Luckily Ron had prepared for that too, and we had some extra blankets. Sam did peek out every once in a while.
All in all we had a fun but wet time!

I give this a 5


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