KyAnn Waters Review / Twisted Sex and Happenstance

Twisted Sex and Happenstance
KyAnn Waters
The Wilder Roses

Do you like things fast and hot? Today I'm going to review a free read. Yup you heard me. After you read my review you can hop on over and not buy, but read it for free!

Katy and Mick live in Kansas, home of some of the biggest twisters around. Mick shows up at Katy's doorstep during a wild storm. Together they need to find a safe place to ride out the storm.

The two have been friends for ever and Katy knows that she's not his type. But as the twister gets twisting, things start to get hot. You'll love this quick free ride.

It's a short free read so I'm not going to say more. Click here to take you to the free read.

I give it 5Whiskey shots seemed more appropriate.


KyAnn said…
Woo Hoo thank you Mary! I'm glad you loved the story.

Sloane Taylor said…
This is terrific, KyAnn. Thank you, Mary, for letting us know.

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