Taxes and Dad

Okay I've been so busy, I haven't picked up a book for three weeks. So how can I do a review? For those who do not know, I accepted a position with Eternal Press as their marketing manager. It's not a high paying job, but they are growing and very busy at the moment. So of course I am.

Today, I'm trying to do my father's taxes. I have been procrastinating. He has some things like capital gains and investment interests, that I never have to deal with. Poor people never have those. Well until they hit the best seller list!

I'm using Turbo Tax, which has been pretty easy. My niece who lives with him and takes care of him, assured me that, yes, everything I needed for his taxes was in the packet she gave me. NOT.

I've had to find and download everything. Now I'm stuck because she didn't put his property taxes in the packet, so I can't go any further until I get those. She doesn't know where they are of course.

As they say you can't pick your relatives. I am so opposite of my niece. She doesn't have an organized bone in her body. If you asked me where any of my tax or legal documents were, I'd have them in from of you with in minutes. But I love her, what can you do?

So while I wait, I'm writing my blog. No review, but I guess I could review tax time. But I don't even think it would rate one margarita.

However, tonight my hubby and I are going to a party. Saloon Girls and Cowboys, maybe I'll review that tomorrow. And then again maybe not, it may be rated X.

I hope everyone gets their taxes in on time. Good luck.


Molly Daniels said…
Congrats on the new job! Hahaha...I just sent a submission to Eternal Press:)

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