Review of Pat's BBQ

Okay so no book review again. When do I have time to read? I was up late watching Ghostly Encounters!

Pat's BBQ that should say it all, but I'm afraid this is a little hidden away place in south Salt Lake City. It's located in the middle of old industrial area, and old run down neighborhoods. It's a hidden treasure, and once found you'll keep going back.

They have southern food to rival the best, even Memphis. Their ribs are to die for. Creole black beans, that are out of this world. Unique cole slaw the likes that I've never encountered before. So you get my drift it's the best!

Guy from The Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives will be doing a segment of Salt Lake City in May, and you got it, Pat's BBQ will be on it. My friend Lezli who is Pat's wife, said "We're not a diner, or drive-in so I guess that makes us a dive!" Well it's the best dive I've ever been too. You can check to find out when it will be aired. Most likely sometime in the summer.

Those of you who live in SLC, get over there and try it out. And if you do not, when you visit, it's a must, to eat there.

Oh but wait I've missed something very important. They have live music, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. They've had some great bands. From Bluegrass, blues to rock and roll. We will be there this Friday to see The House of Cards! Hope to see you there.
Check it out
I give them 5+My one complaint, they only serve beer, no margarita's. (Not their fault, SLC liquor commission's)


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