Martha Stout, Ph. D. Review / The Sociopath Next Door

The Sociopath Next Door
Marth Stout, Ph.D.
Broadway Books 2005

Okay so I'm reading a little heavy this week. I'm actually preparing for my work in progress. Dr. Stout has several case studies that she goes into. What is great about this book, is that it doesn't really read like a text. It has mini stories, instead of describing a personality, she uses an example, like a scene of their life. I don't know if I explained that correctly.

Did you know that 1 in 25 ordinary Americans secretly has no conscience and can do anything at all without feeling guilty? That's what Dr. Stout states in her book, then goes on to give several instances to substantiate her findings.

This isn't a page turner to keep you up at night, however it is very interesting. If you're going to write a book about a killer with no conscience I highly recommend it. You'll get the information you need without the book putting you to sleep. It will actually entertain and at the same time alarm you.
As far as research material goes I give this a 5


Anonymous said…
Interesting read, and the information that the USA has more sociopaths than other countries is no surprise... that China and Japan have few is interesting. I found Chapter 11 to be strange - as if someone other than Dr. Stout had written it. The rythm, language, tone and idea that Millie was an "abrasive psycopath" seemed out there, and poorly reflected in the story. Millie came accross as a lonely women looking to be involved with her neighbors - the empty nest Mom acting like a ground hog whistling to draw attention to other ground hogs when there is danger. As for real ground hogs... they are not an animal you want in you yard. They can be very agressive in their efforts to establish territorial dominance. Their appetite is also highly destructive to gardens, and stepping into their holes can break an ankle. There also was the issue with Sunny's - she's been illegally parking (on a busy street) for ten years "becuase she is afraid to back out of her driveway in traffic".... Is Sunny even up to driving if she can't handle backing a car into or out of her driveway? Was the space she had been paking in creating a danger to other driver's passing on the road? Was Tillie a sociopath or was she surrounded by them? This chapter dropped the ball. It sounded like the writter firing off over someone in their own life they have deep rooted issues with. Final observation is that Stout is out of touch with the advances in technology - which surprises me for a Harvard graduate. Yes, street lights can be triggered to go off as certain auto's pass, or target passengers with GPS cell phones - I know several people who are aware of this. Because she has a client which is aware of tracking test on the grid, and he's one of many, don't write him off as dillusional.
Dr. Stout needs to do some home work on Yose Delgado's work at Yale, pick up current issues of science and technology journals and review her advise to her clients who are telling her they are being tracked and harrassed, and even hearing adds for shows beamed into their brains while walking in New York... that is unless she's working for the shadow government which is in the bussiness of producing sociopaths for the profit - with the assistance of psycologist.
marihansen said…
right-on Martha Stout. I would never have believed this author until this year. I know I have met and experienced the most evil of her "sociopaths" -- the "wolf in sheep's clothing" cloaking him/herself as a "Christian Savior" to all that are weak and dying. These psychopaths have no soul and will verbalize their dying friendship while they destroy and manipulate your family, your reputation, and any if not all your possessions. Please take heed of Martha Stout's advice before you are taken in -- and before your life as you know it, IMPLODES.
Anonymous said…
I have spent the last 3 decades studying Sociopathy (in depth), and find this book, i.e., "The Sociopath Next Door", in conjunction with Robert Hares book "Without Conscience" and Adolf Guggenbuhl Craig's book "The Emptied Soul". The only 3 books in the last 3 decades that are RIGHT ON THE MONEY - IN ALL RESPECTS. Well done!!!!
Americaneer said…
Quote from Dr. Stout's book: I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at trader Vic's ... and his hair was perfect. How often we tend to look at the superficial characteristics to make decisions.

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