Karen Rose Reveiw / You Can't Hide

You Can't Hide
Grand Central Publishing

I picked this up at Costco over the holidays. The blurb on the back really caught my attention. Sounded like great suspense, just what I like.

Someone is out to destroy Tess Ciccotelli (I'd like to know how to pronounce that). Not only her psychiatric practice, but friends, family, strangers... How does she protect herself when she doesn't know the source of danger.

Aidan Reagan does not have warm and fuzzy feelings about Dr. Chick. Residue left over from another case where her testimony got a killer off the streets into a mental institute and not prison where the precinct cops wanted him.

As Aidan tries to protect Tess, it seems whoever is behind the danger, knows everything and is one step ahead of the police at every turn. As time passes Tess and Aidan discover that maybe they aren't so different and a fragile bond begins.

The suspense builds with each page, and you can't put it down. Another one that has kept me up until the wee hours of the morning. I had some ideas, who it was, but Ms. Rose kept me on my toes to the end.
I give this a 5 If you like suspense this is a must read!


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