Julie Garwood Review / Shadow Dance

Shadow Dance
Ballantine Books

Sorry this is a couple of days late, had sick grandchildren and family so I'm behind on my reading.

I have loved Ms. Garwood's work for years and saw this while shopping and of course had to pick it up.

Jordan Buchanan is in her comfort zone, she owned her own computer business until recently and sold it for a hefty profit. She has the money to decide what to do next. The problem is, she doesn't know what she wants to do.

Noah Clayborne (A reference in one of the chapters causes me to believe Noah is related to some of the Clayborne's in Ms. Garwood's historical books--Rose series) tells Jordan to step out of her comfort zone and live.

Jordan meets a nutty professor that has a wild tale about her family. She decides to take Noah's advice and fly to Texas to check out some research papers. Not only does she step out of her comfort zone, but she finds herself in trouble and has to call in the troops.

Noah Clayborne is an FBI agent along with her brother Nick, they fly to Texas to help and unravel the mystery. Nick is called back, but Noah stays and do the sparks start to fly.

Very fun mystery, you'll enjoy it. Ms. Garwood has managed to write a page turning story as always.
I give this a 4 Good to sit by the fire to read!


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