Linda Lael Miller Review / The McKettrick Way

The McKettrick Way
Harlequin Silhouette

Happy New Year, after two weeks of hiatus I'm back to my Monday review blog.

Ms. Miller has a whole series about the McKettrick's starting back in the 1800's. I've only read two to date, but I plan to read as many as possible. I love McKettrick's Luck. When I saw The McKettrick Way at the grocery store I had no choice, I bought it.

Meg McKettrick and Brad O'Ballivan have a history, he practically left her at the alter to pursue his singing career. Now he's back, famous and rich. Meg wonders why, after all the lime light he'd come back to run the ranch.

Brad had his reasons for taking off the way he did. Now he's back to stay. He'd never forgotten Meg, and though there were issues that needed to be worked out, he wanted a 2nd chance.

The chemistry between the two is fun to watch. And I loved this book as much as Luck. However, at the end, it was a little choppy for me, as if there was more story but because it was a Silhouette book, Ms. Miller had to hold back. The last couple of chapters could have been filled out a lot more if I'd had my way.
I give this a 4 It would have been a 5 had it been fleshed out at the end. But still a great read.


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