Nancy Bush Book Review / Candy Apple Red

Candy Apple Red
Nancy Bush
Kensington Mystery 2006

This is the first book in a new mystery series. Jane Kelly is a process server. Her friend, Dwayne is an information specialist--private investigator. Jane lived in California, took criminal law classes because she thought Murphy was a hunk. Then she followed him to Oregon.

Tim Murphy's friend, Bobby, murdered his family and then disappeared. Murphy wouldn't believe Bobby was guilty, so he moved. Now he's back and Jane is investigating to see where Bobby has been for four years. Well she more or less falls into investigating.

This is in first person. I'm not a fan of first person, so I'll tell you that up front. I got this at Nationals. If I'd seen the book at the book store I would have picked it up, it has a great cover. Sexy girl in sexy red skimpy dress and CFM shoes. If I'd read the first couple of pages at the store though, I would not have bought it. So if you see it, pick it up and read the first five pages, if you like this type of writing you'll probably love the book.

However, the only thing close to candy apple red was mention of Murphy's old mustang that was that color. As for the sexy dress? Well most the time she was in Capri's and stained tops.

This book had wonderful reviews like: Funny sex scenes. What? Where I didn't find any. Another: Good drinks. It did? I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. And finally: Likable dog. Well I agree with that one. I liked the dog. And that's about all I liked. Unfortunately I will not be reading the other two books. Electric Blue and Ultra Violet.
I give this a 2 As always, this is my own opinion and the book did get good reviews.


Anonymous said…
I agree with you. I started reading it... then... went... ok.. maybe this gets better, so I flipped to the middle of the book, and found it uninteresting. She seems to be writing like she is trying to be a poor girl , but she really is not, so you don't get any feeling with the situation she is in whatsoever. She needs more feeling and soul in her book to make it so you feel like you are not just reading a diary. I was hoping to find a new author... but I don't think this will do.

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